NES games for sale....

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EDIT: I'm not selling anymore games.

Just to let everyone know, Commander Campkill's cool. Don't be afraid of the money order thing, he owns up to his deals.

Plus he makes some kickass comics.
i would like Bomberman.
Hogans alley
and if the bible adventures deal falls through, id buy it also.

I wouldn't worry about the Bible Adventure deal falling through. I wish I would have seen Bomberman there earlier.

Would it be possible to get a picture of these carts?


you can buy it, i dont want it anymore really. he says it has some black crayon on the back and other things..

sorry, i don't have any way of getting pictures

Rubbing alcahol takes care of that in 3 seconds!

In most cases, but if he is talking about black marker, then it cou.ld be tricky. goo-gone kicks ass for that.

Rubbing alcahol will still work.

Goo Gone will wipe the finish off the cart, smoothing it out, the way goo gone works is it melts a tiny film off the surface(usually containing the ink).

Goof off is a more POWerful version, literally melts the surface off plastic, best used only on metals, and rock.

theres a little bit of (what looks to be crayon) on the back of the cart.... i't doesn't really bother me so i never messed with it.... all it is is 2 little lines and the front label has a small piece missing, smaller than the diameter or your pinky (mine anyways)

i decided to welcome trades....

my want list:

Ninja Gaiden (1 or 3)
Double Dragon (1 or 2)
River City Ransom
Ghoul School
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters
Iron Tank
Kung Fu
Fist of the North Star
Final Fight
Vice: Project Doom
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
Tetris 2
Battletoads/Double Dragon
Life Force
Mario Brothers (not Super....)
Crash 'n the Boys Street Challenge: Street Challenge
Rush 'N Attack
Legacy of the Wizard
Burger Time
Alien Syndrome
Panic Resturant
POWer Blade

PM me if you want to trade or buy

I decided to stop selling my games. After selling a the 5 or 6 that I sold it made me kind of sad

Hey. I got my stuff today. Thanks alot.

hey no problem, just take care of my prescious babies

sucks your not sellin anymore i was interested in these games

Top Gun 2
WWF Wrestlemania
Vegas Dream