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Metroid NES Game
Metroid NES ROM
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Metroid Music
me-brin.mid (7KB)
me-intro.mid (5KB)
me-item.mid (1KB)
me-mini1.mid (4KB)
me-mini2.mid (7KB)
me-nrfar.mid (2KB)
me-tour.mid (5KB)
metarr.mid (1KB)
metbrin2.mid (10KB)
metbrins.mid (6KB)
metend.mid (25KB)
metesc.mid (16KB)
metkraid.mid (13KB)
metr-bs.mid (12KB)
metr-cor.mid (1KB)
metr-end.mid (19KB)
metr-esc.mid (11KB)
metr-int.mid (9KB)
metr-mb1.mid (5KB)
metr-mb2.mid (5KB)
metr-mbr.mid (4KB)
metr-nf.mid (5KB)
metr-tr.mid (3KB)
mettitle.mid (12KB)
mettour.mid (13KB)
Metroid NSF (20KB)
Metroid Codes/Cheats
SXSGNVSE        Minimum energy of 30
SZUILUVK        Infinite rockets on pick-up
ZENSXLIE        Gain 10 rockets on pick-up
YENSXLIE        Gain 15 rockets on pick-up
YAXGVPLA        Extra energy
Metroid Visitor Reviews
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Metroid Review by Rohan Padiyar Better than the Gamecube game! 10/5/2003 10:07:40 PM
Metroid Review by Cize Differences between this one and SNES one 9/28/2003 1:22:17 AM
Metroid Review by Mr. Nes of the West Very kool game 7/18/2003 2:43:14 AM
Metroid Review by kicker of ass SNES version was good.... 5/19/2003 10:27:36 PM
Metroid Review by organo the first and the best 2/8/2003 11:23:26 PM
Metroid Review by Hawk Fantasy ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2/8/2003 7:57:10 PM
Metroid Review by BombOmb Metro Metroid 2/6/2003 1:24:51 AM
Metroid Review by Atlas II Metroid was and will forever be excellent! 2/3/2003 5:31:59 PM
Metroid Review by Nobody Hard 2/1/2003 6:53:35 PM
Metroid Review by Fangs Echidna The beginning of Samus Aran 12/24/2002 8:38:51 PM
Metroid Review by Ridley Reveiw 12/11/2002 3:43:57 PM
Metroid Review by Read me or else My favorite game 11/29/2002 12:27:41 PM
Metroid Review by Jeff N 1 of the best games ever!!! 11/23/2002 3:11:24 PM
Metroid Review by Xpenguin BEST GAME EVER!!!!! 10/3/2002 10:00:23 PM
Metroid Review by ToddVania The NES Workout 10/3/2002 3:22:33 PM
Metroid Review by Yoshi WOW 9/22/2002 9:01:01 PM
Metroid Review by nathan i think the best game ever!! 6/28/2002 2:24:31 PM
Metroid Review by gnrchild this game kicks butt 4/18/2002 11:32:06 AM
Metroid Review by Ali Metriod 4/2/2002 3:30:20 AM
Metroid Review by Oklonia Too Great for the NES 10/16/2001 10:47:38 PM
Metroid Review by MI64 What's she got on under there? 7/18/2001 1:38:06 PM