Metroid NES Review - The NES Workout

by ToddVania on Thursday, October 3, 2002
This is a great one, except for the fat that it's so damned HUGE! It's fine to hide things and solve puzzles, but there's just too much distance to cover in this, just to get special weapons. Fortunately there's two ice weapons, at least.
Once you get past that, however, this game is fantastic and addicting. Cannot stand falling in the goddamned lavas, though. I beat this years ago, and made it up to the top after defeating Mother Brain, on the first try, which you have to be one cool cucumber at the controls to do.
The game is fair in that it gives you plenty of energy to defeat it, and weapons. The key is just finding them. I have a friend who does drafting for a living and gave up trying to map this one. The way Nintendo threw in the "better ending depending on how good you do" in this and Kid Icarus is also classic. Tomb Raider ending totally sucked--after all that work! NES STILL has some of the best game endings around, and this one is near the top. 9 out of 10

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