Metroid NES Review - Metro Metroid

by BombOmb on Thursday, February 6, 2003
This game is THE classic. I played Metroid II before I played this and I must say, I was amazed how much the original Metroid was like the current 2d side scrollers. This game rocks. Finding new weapons, exploring new territory, earning your health by blasting foes. The cool equipment you find throws in a twist to keep you playing. This is THE best 2D side scroller I've played since Super Mario Bros. Buy this game if you want the classic kick butt NES game that started the lifespan of one of Nintendo's most popular series. And btw, you DO start off with 30 health, so that you EARN the rest of your health by KILLING THINGS. Anyone who whines about low health and not getting anything done probably just sucked the big one on their first attempt (although I don't see how you can suck with 2 buttons and a directional pad). Go buy it, it's not overrated.

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