Megaman 6

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Megaman 6 NES Game
Megaman 6 NES ROM
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Megaman 6 Music
centaur.mid (36KB)
mm6-tomh.mid (24KB)
mm6blizz.mid (11KB)
mm6centa.mid (16KB)
mm6flame.mid (36KB)
mm6intr2.mid (7KB)
mm6intro.mid (7KB)
mm6knight.mid (31KB)
mm6knt2.mid (31KB)
mm6plan2.mid (42KB)
mm6selec.mid (7KB)
mm6slct.mid (13KB)
mm6toma2.mid (35KB)
mm6tomah.mid (32KB)
mm6wily.mid (10KB)
mm6wilyb.mid (7KB)
mm6wind.mid (31KB)
mm6yamat.mid (46KB)
Megaman 6 NSF (24KB)
Megaman 6 Codes/Cheats
AAUKVIZE        Start with 9 lives
IAUKVIZA        Start with 6 lives
AAUKVIZA        Start with 1 life
SXEEXTVG        Infinite lives-can sometimes die and go to another part of the game
GXEAKYST        Infinite energy-except fires, falling into pits and spikes still kill you
LOOEKGPP        Normal shots do more damage
TOKENGLP        Mega-shots do more damage
Megaman 6 Visitor Reviews
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