Megaman 6 NES Review - Do you like chocolate with mustard on it?

by Electrocut on Thursday, May 4, 2006
I'll just start right on with my review.

Nothing that gives me big headache - the controls are perfect as ever, you know.
Those two Rush Adaptors - one for jetpack and one for raw power - are well done. With that jetpack you can reach several hard spots and with the powerpack you can break items free or enter secret passages. My only worries are a few places within the Mr.X and Wily Fortresses - it can be very tricky to reach some places with the jetpack. Those few spots are designed a bit cheap. Well done Rush-Adaptors - some cheap places to go on with.
This is why the gameplay suffers a bit.
Otherwise i like challanges.
Therefor 9/10

In Mega Man 6 this is a mixed bag - in every manner.
In fact of details and creativity they gave a lot.
But here it comes. In many stages the graphic elements don't stick right to each others. In Plant Man's stage the earth elemental designed floor is to many times interupted with some metalic objects which just don't fit in the way they are graphical designed. Sometimes they just mixed up graphical elements which fits together like mustard and chocolate.
Then in other stages ,like Flame Man's home to name one, they got it completely right.
The next big "strange" thing about the graphics are often the set of colors.
The Blizzard Man level for example - lightblue and orange in the foreground combined with a dark green and red in the background. Not to mention the horrible thing they did to Yamato Man's Dojo. Chocolate and mustard? No, here it is even worse - like a try of combining a hotdog with chocolate, Sauerkraut, chili and a extra big load of spinach. WHY? - Nintendo of America, why?
To say all again with a few words:"Those graphics can give me a Bad_Fur_Day!"

The better news first? Ok. The Sound-FX are the same as already used in Mega Man 4. I like them in MM4 and so i do here as well.
The not so good news:
The tunes in that game are lacking a big amount of inspiration. They are there but it wouldn't make any difference if they weren't. The only tune that stoods out is the one in Flame Man's level. It brings along a nice arabian touch (the Flame Man Stage is the best in the complete game).

Due to the fact that the game has it's cheap spots i say so lala - not to easy and not to hard, just a bit cheap sometimes.

The game shows some really creativ moments. Like those partially crazy bosses and in the same time some of them are cheap (Tomahawk Man for the worst example).
That game i'm talking about here is really messed up.
See, i like hotdogs, i like chocolate - but that doesn't mean that someone have to mix it together and then put that extra load of spinach on plus whatever else we never wanna taste in that way.

Complain about that review/rating as you want. If Nintendo were pressuring that out in no time to bring it onto the market befor the sunset of the NES or not - "The Capcom Allstars" should have been the creative team behind Mega Man 6 like in all the prequels befor. No excuses for that, really.

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