How much do you like Ocarina of Time?

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I think that this game is one of the best games ever created. I mean, the gameplay was great. And each level has great design. Also all the charcterers were so unique. They all had different personalites. Each being great. (fav. was Malon) Also, the music set the mood every time. Also, story was great. It was deep, and complex. Who else agrees. Also, feel free to add anything.

I never got to play it that much but it was cool

anyone that doesn't absolutely LOVE OoT doesn't like Zelda, and anyone that doesn't like Zelda, doesn't like video games.

So I think it's safe to say that everyone loves OoT

I know for me it's certainly one of the best of all time, if not THE best.

Ocarina of time was VERY good indeed but not my favorite. I have no favorite game because all games are different in some way heh. I beat Ocarina SOOO many times that i just retired from it !

As hard as it is to pick a favourite game of all time if I had to it would probably be Ocarina of Time. There are so many things that could have gone wrong when Nintendo turned Zelda into 3D but same as with Mario old Ninty pulled it off amazingly.


I go with Malon and Luke's first posts.

If there isn't another great Zelda there won't be a better game than OoT. On any console.
It's really one of the best games you can get for your money.

Yea. If any havn't played this game, then your missing out on a masterpiece. Anyway, I remember being disapoited, when I got the Collectors disc that had OoT on it. It was because they made Ganno's blood green, and the Fire Temple's music was edited. Anyone else?

really... I didn't know anything was edited, I guess that's the excuse I was looking for to pick up the actual cart.

Yea, I know they're little things, but to me, it just didn't feel like OoT at those two parts. (kinda like the Megaman Collectors Disc has the buttons reversed from the old NES)

Yea, this definatly was an N64 classic. The game play was real good and eerything seem so advanced compared to what other things NES was distributing at the time.

dude Zelda is so dumb. i hate Zelda its so boring why does anyone like this game? the puzzles are dumb and its boring.

Fantastic game! I almost cried it was so beautiful!
O.O.T (and Mario 64 and to a lesser extent Goldeneye) were the main reasons I got an N64.
But mainly O.O.T

Fantastic game! I almost cried it was so beautiful!
O.O.T (and Mario 64 and to a lesser extent Goldeneye) were the main reasons I got an N64.
But mainly O.O.T

Agreed with the game choices. Also, it has one of the better endings for a N64 game.

I loved the game . . . till I got stuck in the Water Temple and used the key in a wrong door and got stuck.

I use to think that you could get complety stuck in the temple, until my brother showed me everything in the temple, and I found another key. Also, I liked the water temple. I liked it because of all the puzzles, and you had to know your way around the place...since it was huge!

The temples were really great. And they are designed in a way that you shouldn't get stuck at any point. There must alsways be a way to find your way through it.
Just needs a lot of exploring. I love that game.

I loved the water temple. Of course, I like water levels in any game, so...

I've said it before; OoT is a great game. I started thinking about this game recently (probably because of this thread ), and remembered something that I REALLY enjoyed on the game.

The first temple... what was it... forest, I believe? Anyway, that was the point in the game where you got to fight the Skelos' with shields and swords. Man, those fights rocked! If I remember correctly though, it seemed that that was my favorite part in the game in terms of sheer battling. I can't recall if the battles picked up past that pace or not (besides bosses), but I liked fighting them the most.

Man, that game rocks!

I liked the sunset. That's where I really went, "Wow, this is amazing."

I remember when I slept over a freind's house, he wanted me to do a peice of the game where you had to go into a well, since it was night time, I guess the un-dead freaked him out

well i have to say Zelda oot is the best Zelda game out until twilight princess because it was more realistc that wind waker and wasnt so cartoonish but majoras mask was very good also i just want to see the new Zelda out do oot or majoras then we will have a awesome game to play........

WInd Waker Rocked not quite as much as oot but it still rocked.

I didn't enjoy WW that much. Not because of the graphics, but because they made "Link" too much different than what he is suppose to be.

Even with the release of Wind waker it always remained my favorite. The legends they described in it were very well written, and fighting was insanely fun. Also the music in the forest temple was awesome!

Love it. But those green things in dodongos cavern, where the door locks and you get that music, and they make funny noises, jump and hit you.. They always scare me.

Without a doubt. While baby dodongos are the most stupid monsters, they do always make me jump with their sudden appearence. Still an awesome game though.

im not talkin about baby dodongos, its those lizard-men. that youb have to beat to open the door.

Ohhhhhhhh. Oh. You mean the lizalfos. Yep, I see what you mean now.

I LOVE THIS GAME, its my favourite game of all time, nothing has beat it yet,the music in this good is made with such greatness, the gameplay you just cant beat and every thing else about it, i have yet to have played a game that has given me as much enjoyment as Zelda did.

Goldeneye, Super Mario64, and Ocarina of time are probably the best game si have ever pllayed, i did enjoy the first mario and Zelda games though. when i got super mario 64 i was amazed it was in 3-D i was like "WOAH" these three games were really really fun.

This has to be the best game ever created, with the gold skulltulas, heart peices, and the side quests such as masks, or the biggoron sword trading sequence. The Z Targeting concept was/is great, and really helped the use of various items, without having to manually guide them to their destination IE Boomerang, Slingshot, Longshot/Hookshot. ANd also guided the sword. The boss and enemy battles were intense, and ive never been "Scared" by any other game. it just scares the shit out of me, like the Redeads, and even Phantom ganon scared the BS out of me. Combined with the complex temples like the water temple.The Great Deku Tree, which introduced us to the game. this game was the 3-D evolution for the Zelda series. They couldnt of done any better. WHo didnt laugh when you played Sarias song to Darunia? I love this game so much it hurts me. Or when you heard Talon scream right after you awakened him with the cucco? How about the fishing game, for the golden scale? And Epona, wonderful. Ive never played any game for such a large amount of time.

I remember staying up all night playing that game with a few friends just swapping turns here and there. We got stuck trying to get the Big Goron Sword. I fell asleep and by the time I woke up someone had gotten the sword already. That game and Goldeneye ruled my life for a few years. I also remember trying to get across the broken bridge to the sand temple or something and accidentally discovering that you just have to jump the gap with Epona. That was one of those shocking moments that make you say "Whoa!"

oh yeah and its Biggeron not Big Goron.

Nope, its actually biggoron.

Yeah... You're wrong...

Dammit, But i proved it wasnt Big Goron. Two Words.

It's the Biggoron Sword, not biggeron...

Yeah i know ,now.

I have a really n00bish question...where can I find the bugs? I'm wanting to do everything on this game, and I think if you put some bugs on the soil before you plant a magic bean, a gold skulltulla will come out, and i'd like to get all 100 of them. Thanks

There are some near the Skulltulla house in Kakariko village, I think they're under a pot or something...

I really should play OoT again...

I really should play OoT again...
We all should.
best game ever!

I really should play OoT again...
We all should.
best game ever!

I plan too, but I plan to buy the guide before, so I can get 100 percent easier.