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sup guys... NES is awesome!

I like playing Zelda. I was a fan of the Zelda II: The Adventure of Link series. I really want to play this game. I could not find the NES ROM on this site. Can u ppl plz tell me where i can find the NES ROM for this game?



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what a good page!!

Probably my favorite Zelda game ever. In a good way, it is different from the rest. I actually own the cartridge, though.

I own the cart as well, but I haven't dedicated the time to adjusting to it, so I guess I just don't appreciate it yet, I should do that soon though.

I thought Zelda II: The Adventure of Link was a pretty good game. It was different than any of the other Zelda's that were released, but was a very playable game. If you like this game, you should definately check out Broderbund's The Battle of Olympus.

Battle of Olympus was SOOOO HARD. (still is:?)

Yes, it is a VERY tough game. It's worth it, though, to experience the final upside down battle! I thoroughly enjoy that game!

And the final of the game is one of the best ever seen in NES. Great music, too. I recommend everyone to play !!

I rekon Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is so so so so so so much better then Zelda I

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