Segata Sanshiro

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Segata was the mascot for the Sega Saturn, until he lost his life protecting the Sega HQ in Japan. if ever there was someone who could have competed with Karnov in terms of manliness, it was Segata.

the chronicles of his life can be seen here:

oh, yes, that guy!
His commercials were cool.

Thanks for the link. But unfortunately I can only download 2 of the files.

Ack! I can't download ANY of them.

I've never seen or heard of this guy before. As usual, America always gets denied the "cool stuff".

I downloaded all of em. I'd gladly split 'em into 10MB packages and gmail 'em out, and give a gmail invite to all the poor saps not using it.

just send me a PM with an address.

note that at least one of these videos is in REAL format (I know...) and most are DivX.

the total is about 31MB, so it would have to go in 4 parts.

My wife quite enjoyed the few videos I showed her.

She said 懐かしい when she saw them.

The pm is on the way. I'd gladly like to watch the other ones too.

I finally got around to watching those. They're simply amazing.
Naturally, America doesn't get cool commercials like this (as I recall, all the Saturn TV ads in the U.S. were mind-numbingly stupid). If we were to get Segata Sanshiro, the sales for the Saturn would have skyrocketed because Segata Sanshiro is just that dam cool.

I highly recommend downloading the 9 MB Real player "music video", if you have to get just one clip. It contains scenes from all the commercials and the full Sanshiro "theme song".

I also like the ad for 'Soccer RPG' (is that seriously a game?), where Segata throws his team mate up at the airborn ball to score a Goal, and the Baseball game where he "kicks" a home run.

Great stuff!

fudgilicious i can't watch them Dammit my computer sucks.
execuse my language.

I don't recall the Saturn being advertised over here, but if it was, we would, of course, be stuck with a rubbish ad campaign.

I apologize for having to ask this but...
Did you "unzip" them?

Just wondering.



And of course you have a media player on your PC?


You have to have the Divx codec to be able to play them.

Try to play "Sakura Wars 2" (long version) video. That's one is MPEG format.

DivX is required for the AVI files. The Real Player (RM) videos should just be able to play in the latest version of .