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Do you remember your first post here at NESfiles?

And i have only gotten like four new games in over a year, i suck at collecting.

Hell no. :P

I remember at the end of my first week or so, though, I got all drunk and PMed Roth. I'm sure he appreciated it.

edit: Apparently, my first post was about Journey to Silius music. It reads like I was drunk when I wrote it. I need to drink less :D

mine had something to do with Landstalker.

Confirmed Uber Newbs query.

nope. one of my first 10 was a game find though. atleast, i think so.

Looks like it was in the Castlevania thread.

That was on . I remember some of the earlier posts were pretty much conversations between Luke and I I'd have to say it's good that there's such a thing as instant messaging, or else this place would be flooded by now!

EDIT: Ha! Yeah, OSG pmed me with a topic of "Very serious thoughts"... then proceeded to say, "Yorothrofl. jus biggin yah" haha The wonders of alcohol Speaking of which, I ran out of beer last night.

I remember my first post because it was two weeks ago

It was my score on that terribly hard 8-bit quiz.

Just had a look and found that my first 4 posts were all in the Zelda forum. I was rambling on about the best Zelda game.

I also noticed there was a typo in my first post but decided against giving it a 13 months later edit.
Confirmed Uber Newbs query.

Sweet. No work for me!

Pretty pathetic, really.

is where the greatmightypoo was born .

Gawah?!? poor guy....

Mine was either raging about how poor the build quality of the PS2 is, or saying I had got Zelda for the NES.

Edit- It was saying that I had 14 games.

probably about mario idk though.

I remember my first post quite vividly. I signed up to the forum just as the clock struck midnight on Christmas eve, 2004. There was a topic made titled "" that was made for members who reached their 100th post (because the forum was still very new and no one had that many yet).
So as a joke, I made my first ever NES files forum post on that thread. I put something like "Oops... wrong thread" and left it alone. You see... it was supposed to funny. Because like, it's supposed to be for people with "100 posts" and here's this guy who only has "1 post" who is posting on it. You see? That was .


... ...

That post no longer exists now.

I am both sad, disappointed, and lost without it.


I really don't remember my first time. Oh well.

My first post was as a guest, I was asking about "Cool Spot" on the NES, which I later found out was just "spot" I just remembered the label wrong.

I was such a n00b back then...

Yea I was thinking that about myself too. I guess we all were .

I wonder what BeefCube is doing right now.

Been wonderin' that fora while...

Something About Jnes and Light gun Support, or something...

My post was asking about how did your character beef up on Battle of Olympus...Didnt think I'd become a regular here though. Glad I stayed.

I found out that my first post was as ma guest:

I'm the guest who asks nesmaster if there's any expectations of how much NES Games you have to become a member to this site.

Can you belive that?