Best Original Gameboy games?

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As the topic states, what do you think the best are?

The are many great original Game Boy games out there but for me the best would have to been the Pokemon games. Red version is my favorite.

Some good games:

The Kirby game (Kirby's dreamland?)
The Pokemon's
Super Mario Land 2 - awesome game
The Wario games
Zelda - Links Awakening(I believe there's a colour version also)

There's a lot of great games. I think the only Gameboy game that i've played that wasn't so good was Pit Fighter. The GB verison of "Bonk's Adventure" was cool, I played it a lot.

The Zelda: links awakening is a must. It's my favorite in the entire Zelda series, no doubt about it... (there is a color version with DX in the title I believe and I think it has the clear plastic like many color GB games)
I was always a fan of Solar Striker. It's a fairly easy vertical shooter.
Donkey Kong - it's a the precursor to mario vs. Donkey Kong and just as fun.
Kirby's Dreamland - I still play this one when I need a switch.
RC Pro Am - Just like the NES version of the game without the colors. Fun and still obnoxiously hard for me..I'm not sure if I have ever made it past the level that is shaped like a key.
Pokemon pinball is the only pinball I've ever enjoyed, and I'm not even a big fan of the pokemon games. I'm pretty sure it keeps track of which pokemon you've caught throughout theplay and you gotta catch 'em all! (maybe)

And I will through another vote in for the Wario games. I only ever owned and played the first one and loved it more than any of the mario games for GB.

I was surprised at the re-sale value of original Gameboy games. A local vintage game store gave me $10 for a WWF SuperStars cartridge only (It even had writing and a sticker on it).

Zelda - Link's Awakening
Super Mario Land 2
Mario's Picross
Mario Golf
Final Fantasy Legend (2)
Dragon Warrior

That's a small list from the top of my head.
There are plenty more good games...

As far as the best, I really enjoyed Final Fantasy Legend, Final Fantasy Legend II, and Final Fantasy Adventure.

Ok, I need to re-live them. Time to emulate!

Zelda: links awakening is really good. I like all the Mario cameos that are in it.

Have to give Kirby's Pinball Land a mention. That's the best pinball game I've played on any system.

Final Fantasy Adventure truly is the single best (and addictive GB game) and here are some others:

Killer Instinct (by far the best fighter on the Gameboy)
Dragon's Lair (okay its techically a GBColor game)
Faceball 2000 (really fun if you have 16 players, but lags like hell)
Arkanoid (or was it Breakout for GB?)
Gameboy Wars (a must Import)
Mighty Morphin POWer Rangers
Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan

looks like no one mentioned
Metroid II Return of Samus.

Now as i am a Huuuuuugeeee Metroid first i wasnt used to Metroid II, because i liked Super Metroid the most.

I started playing through all of them when they said Prime 3 was a launch title for the Wii.

I beat the first, sadly, it was insanely hard and took me the longest,
I went on to Zero mission, which is amazing. Then to Metroid II. i can remember it being bad, but i couldnt stop playing it, i found it very fun.
i beat it that night.

its a pretty good game.