Your Most Wanted "Games" list.

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Simple, post the games you really want that come out in the near future.


Pokemon Diamond Version
Megaman Star Force: Dragon
Digimon Story Moonlight(Hopefully it comes to North America.. )
Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Goku Densetsu
Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker
Dragon Quest IX: Hoshizora no Mamoribito
DK: King of Swing

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Sonic and the Secret Rings
Metroid Prime 3: Corrupt
Fire Emblem
Mario Party 8
Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors

360:(I plan on getting my own 360 by years end. Tired of Sharing)
Blue Dragon
Half-Life 2: The Orange Box
Unreal Tournament 3

Big list, Small pockets. Post your list.

Nice idea for a thread.

There are some games I'd like, some of them aren't out yet, some are available already.

Nintendo DS:
Dragon Quest IX
Zelda - Phantom Hourglass
Picross DS
Nazotte oboeru otona no kanji renshuu

Dragon Quest Swords

Blue Dragon

The three Harvest Moon GBC games, and Harvest Moon SNES.

Nintendo DS:
*Zelda: phantom hourglass
*Pokemon diamond and/or pearl
*Hotel Dusk
*Professor Layton

I am looking forward to playing Super Mario Galaxy

Shenmue 3 please. On any system. I would even buy a PS3 for it (maybe).

OK so I know this topic is supposed to be for games that "come out in the near future" but I can dream can't I?