Playing music to NES Games.

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I'm not too sure if this idea has ever come up before, but I definately think it needs discussion. Whenever I play SNES or NES Games, I admittedly get a little bored with the 8-Bit sound. So I always play real music to specific songs or albums. On this topic, I'd like anyone else who likes to set (S)NES Games to music to reply here with a few or at least one combination they like. I have a theory to test...

For me, it's Bastille Day by Rush to SMB. From the album Carress of Steel.
For A Link to the Past, Led Zeppelin IV
And finally, SMB 3 to the entire album Comfort Eagle by Cake.

I'd like to see how this turns out so please add any noteworthy combination that either sounds funny or worth trying. Thanks.

Oh, and I'm listening to Thick as a Brick right now.

Nice topic, I think this hasn't been up before.
Let's just widen this to any console, then the place ("general gaming") was chosen well, too.

There are games on CD based consoles and PC that let you play your own CDs, right?

I also often listened to other music when playing, but I don't have specific preferences for games. Some game music surely can become annoying after some time.

Shit dude, another Tull fan.

How bout "A Passion Play" to Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde?

maybe "Tales from Topographic Oceans" to Bible Adventures.

"Olias of Sunhillow" to Legendary Wings

I sometimes do. I personally love to play Metallica while I'm playing Comix Zone, which actually gave me an idea a little while back...

And another.
I don't have all their albums, but the Very Best Of Jethro Tull was listened to repeatedly while playing PS2 Gauntlet Dark Legacy. It just meshed perfectly, especially in the forest area of that game, where you're way up on the branches looking down, a lot of their music is very majestic in that way.

My relatives got me that for my birthday, As well as the "Best of the Dire Straits, with Mark Knoppler"... It was everything I could do not to go "Yeah, I want actual albums, people."

Besides, the Very Best of Jethro Tull just cuts off Thick as a Brick at three lousy minutes.

I'm a weirdo I guess. I typically blast the NES through my stereo. I'm sure that it's loud enough that my neighbo(u)rs hear it. Sometimes my wife even has to ask me to turn it down :P If a game is super lame though (ie Dr. J & Mr. H), I have the sound at a normal level. It's akward to me to play other tunes during a game. I tried that when I played alot of PS1, and it felt weird.

I'm the same way, non-game music just doesn't seem to fit with the game, and throws me all off.

I'm the same way, non-game music just doesn't seem to fit with the game, and throws me all off.

Same here.

What really makes me mad is, when I am deep into a game, my girlfriend grabs the remote and hits the mute button so she can answer the phone

Well, it depends on the game, I guess. I could never, ever play different music in a Contra game, usually don't play different music in RPGs, but I sometimes have a hankering for something different.

Besides, fighting games and brawlers fit rock and metal tracks quite nicely.

I'm the same way, non-game music just doesn't seem to fit with the game, and throws me all off.

I'm not saying that there are some games that don't have their own perfect music, I'm just asking if anyone had some good ideas for ones that do need the extra boost occasionally. Like, 4/5 times I'll still play Mario normally, but once in a while I'll just Hook myself up. Also, there are some games even I cannot stand not having the music to, typically Gamecube games. Starfox Adventures, for example, gotta have the sound on there. The tribal music in certain areas, the dramatic music during fights... love 'em. But for stuff like, Soul Calibur II or III, I really wish I had some Sabbath going. Usually I just don't summon the energy to put it up on the stereo.

For me, it depends on how good or bad the music is. If i've been playing the same game for a while and the music begins to get annoying, i'll put my ipod on shuffle. Most of the time however, i'll leave the game music on, especially if i'm playing a Zelda game, as the music really helps to set the mood for the game.
Of course, the ultimate song to listen to while playing games is "baby got back" by Sir Mixalot.

I played Chrono Trigger with Iron Maiden playing in my stereo..

Fought Magus to the song "Seventh son of a seventh son" Thought it fit well with the theme

Also, Infected Mushrooms (techno) goes good with any nintendo game

Techno is always a good NES choice. I am fond of Sasha, although my friend Bryan whips up stuff on ClubWorld that blows that out of the water. You could probably say that techno matches NES very well, but with the 16 Xtreme Bits of the SNES, I like to have guitars involved with the music. Glad to see more people are putting up their combinations rather than T1MM-idea bashing.

Just so we're clear, having a different opinion is not "idea bashing" in any way, shape, or form. Please stop trying to instigate a flame war.

Kung Fu+Decree of Sichuan General-Kung Fu Hustle
Splatterhouse+The World Without Logos-Yasushi Ishii
Ninja Gaiden+Edgecrusher-Fear Factory

Koryu, if I know you, you have done all of those combinations thousands of times.

Also, I have found a combination which enduces a trance-like effect. Try playing Kiwi Kraze to anything by Sufjan Stevens. Your brain won't last long.

Another thing, in responce to the people who like the music of the games instead of playing their music to it, I just realized something. I play music to my NES Games often, but I load up my MP3 player with all sorts of NES music and listen to ! No wonder it confused me so much earlier! So if anyone was thinking that I hate the NES music for some reason, well, now you know.

That I don't...