Nintendo TV Spots.

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Found the following TV spots on

Nes TV Spots:






Gaunlet II:


Star Wars:

SNES TV Spots:

Super Mario World:

SNES Commercial:

Street Fighter 2010 II Turbo SNES Japanese Commercial:

Zelda SNES Commercial:

Super Famicom Commercial:

Donkey Kong Country:

Super Metroid:

The following videos are not TV spots.


Nintendo Revolution, what it might look like.(FAN MADE)

Nintendo Revolution Displacement Mapping:

Nintendo Revolution Virtual Console Commercial.(FAN MADE)

Nintendo Revolution Fan Made Teaser:

nice finds dude, too bad most of them are Japanese and i can't understand them

I've not got a link on hand but for the best NES commercial check out the NES Zelda one. It has an 80's style rap and everything!

That Tetris one left me Tetrisized!!!

Here are some more:

NES Cereal System 1989:

NES commercials:

Sega commercials:

Nintendo Revolution - Sega and Hudson Partnership:


Yay! I hope this seris comes to Canada!

It seems youtube is a great source for interesting videos.
Yesterday I spent the whole evening downloading lots of stuff.

Japanese commercials are nice.