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New Nintendo Mag Set to Reveal Revolution Exclusives
UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine readies to publish first Revolution hands-on and third party game details.
By Jordan Ringo - 02-11-06
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Future, in conjunction with Nintendo UK, has recently announced via press release that a new Nintendo gaming magazine is soon to arrive in less than a week’s time. Titled Official Nintendo Magazine (ONM), it will launch its first issue on February 16 with exclusive details on the Nintendo DS Lite and the first ever all inclusive hands-on impressions of the innovative Revolution controller.

“As an exciting new era for Nintendo magazines begins, issue one of Official Nintendo Magazine takes a look at how the company is revolutionising the way we play games. Showcasing Nintendo’s innovation the DS handheld grabs the front cover of the premier issue and comes enclosed in an attention grabbing card wallet, showcasing the Nintendo Revolution and its amazing new controller. Inside, the magazine has a 12-page feature revealing Nintendo’s plan for the Revolution and uncovers the 30% smaller Nintendo DS Lite, with tantalising information and images of both consoles.”

As far as content is concerned, ONM promises to provide continual exclusives straight from the source. In fact, the first issue will include an exclusive interview with Capcom, in which they discuss their future plans for Nintendo’s Revolution, in addition to offering the “definitive” Twilight Princess preview. The press release went into further detail:

“With unrivalled access to the biggest Nintendo-related stories, Official Nintendo Magazine speaks exclusively with the creators of Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, Megaman and Street Fighter 2010, Capcom about their plans for Revolution. The four-page feature reveals what games will be coming to the new system and just how the company hopes to utilise the cutting-edge controller. Alongside the definitive preview of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, the launch issue of Official Nintendo Magazine has 32-pages of previews, showcasing the very best in forthcoming Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo GameCube titles.”

Those who collect Nintendo Paraphernalia will also be please to hear that the first issue of ONM will include “high-quality vinyl decals, featuring top games; Animal Crossing, Mario Kart DS and Nintendogs, allowing gamers to personalise their DS.”

“Future is delighted to be working with Nintendo UK on the Official Nintendo Magazine, having already enjoyed a longstanding relationship with the company in France and Italy,” said Group Publisher for Official Nintendo Magazine, James Binns. “Creating a magazine Nintendo fans can be proud of has been a labor of love for the experienced editorial team led by Steve Jarratt and Lee Nutter. There’s always been a hardcore base of Nintendo gamers and with the remodeled DS and hotly-tipped Revolution the firm is likely to open things up even more to a wider audience of gamers, all looking for new ways to play.”

Nintendo UK’s Marketing Director, Dawn Paine, is very pleased with the project and states: “As Nintendo continues to revolutionize the world of gaming, 2006 is shaping up to be a great year for Nintendo and we are very pleased to have Future on board with us to create a truly unique magazine for Nintendo fans of all ages.”

Anyone interested in ONM should visit their official website at (which isn’t up and running quite yet) for more information. The first issue of Official Nintendo Magazine goes on sale in the UK this coming Thursday (February 16) and will retail at a £3.99 cover price. Nintendo Now will report any breaking news that should arise from the magazines release.


I had a brief flick through it last week and there was nothing there that made me want to buy it. I much prefer multi-format magazines. Less biased undertones in those.


I picked up the latest issue of this magazine. Overall, it was a good read and it had some good exclusives. Best of all, it came with Super Monkey Ball coasters!

Not unfortunately.
I've seen multiformat mags that were heavily biased in favor of Sony. One seemed to hate Nintendo and MS and praised every move of Sony. I don't even know if that mag still exists... well, I don't need it.

Funny thing is despite what I said I did end up buying the first issue, if only in prospect of it shooting up in value as the first issue of a popular magazine usually does. I'm in no hurry to buy it again.