Capcom to show Revolution titles very soon.

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The UK will be getting a brand new official Nintendo magazine on February 16th. The press release for the magazine contains this info.

With unrivalled access to the biggest Nintendo-related stories, Official Nintendo Magazine speaks exclusively with the creators of Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, Megaman and Street Fighter 2010, Capcom about their plans for Revolution. The four-page feature reveals what games will be coming to the new system and just how the company hopes to utilise the cutting-edge controller.

The issue will also contain the “definitive” preview of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and if that weren’t enough the mag comes with “high-quality vinyl decals, featuring top games; Animal Crossing, Mario Kart DS and Nintendogs, allowing gamers to personalise their DS.”

The name of the magazine is the Official Nintendo Magazine. February 16th UKers, don’t forget! I would REALLY appreciate it if someone could pick up that magazine and get some scans for us. Any of you guys up for the task?


Link didn't work for me.

Follow the "Read" link at the bottom of their article.

Ooh, I'd love to read that preview no Twilight Princess.
I really hope some "UKers" will scan that in and post it somewhere.