Does your local gamestore give you bad deals for NES games?

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Mine do. They would give me 10 cents for Dragon Warrior. Since that was so bad, I wanted to see how much they would give me for Dragon Warrior II,.......a dollar! I was very suprised. Also, they rip you off buying NES Games too. They had Final Fantasy in bad condtion (had brown stuff on it, and had marker on it. They were selling it for 35 dollars. Ok, so, I picked up my FF for 5 dollars, and wanted to see how much they pay for it (since it was priced high). My copy was in mint conditon, and they said 5 dollars. I was suprised that they wanted a 30 dollar profit on a NES game. FOr now on, I'm sticking with this board, and ebay. Has this happend to anyone?

Yeah, game stores will rip you off. You know, let's say you sold that DWII to them for $1. They would turn around and sell it for 20-30 times what they gave to you They think that everyone in the world has no clue what these games are worth, so they just try and stick everyone that comes across. Don't feel bad, it's like that everywhere from my experience.

for fun i asked at an eb what they would give for Bubble Bobble 2 nes... $2!

i laughed and said id rather put it on ebay

although another store gave me $60 for 2 NES consoles...

for fun i asked at an eb what they would give for Bubble Bobble 2 nes... $2!

i laughed and said id rather put it on ebay

although another store gave me $60 for 2 NES consoles...

2 dollars!!! Wow. If I was working there, I would feel bad if the person sold it there. Hey Nesmaster, what store gave you 60 bucks for 2 NESs? I have 2 NESs that I might sell.

it was gamecity

That's the same everywhere. So don't mind.

And also, please do understand that game stores also have to earn money.

I notice that it's the people who know what the games are worth that usually rip you off the most. Pawn shops usually have no clue, so you'll get good games really cheap, but crappy games are way too if they sold all the games for 3.99, it would only be worth it for a few of the games they are selling. Pawn shops around here pay $0.25 for NES Games.

I wish I knew about pawn shops, because there was only 1 around here, but then it closed, and there are not any other pawn shops around for a while. It would be a 2 hour trip. (1 hour there, and one back)

Yeah, most of the shops around here refuse to buy NES Games. The few that do buy for next to nothing and sell on with a big mark up (about 500%) and only stock the really common carts. So, usually EBay is the best bet for me.

yeah, i dont even have a Real gamestore that deals NES Games. our EBgames is so small it doesnt even stock N64 carts or anything... my only place to get games now is a hockshop, good prices and games.

My friend that lives somewhere in NY (USA), I forget where .
He went, and all the NES Games were marked as 90% off. He went in with a ten dollar bill, and came out with 60 NES Games! He got lucky. That time, the buyer ripped off the store .

If you don't mind getting up early and waiting on old people to move out of your way...yard sales are great places to get games. I've bought whole boxes of systems,games,computer stuff for under 10 bucks.

We have a game store called Game Xchange here in NW Arkansas, to even find the NES Games you have to go all the way to the back and they are usually 2 or 3 bucks a cart. is a good place to buy stuff too.

What?! My local gamestores doesn't even sell old games!

5 and below at my local GAme Exchange , that I m working at tomorrow for like 4 NES Games.

Pff, I tryed trading in Duckhunt and Gotcha. Gotcha was a nickle and the guy said I would have to pay HIM to take Duckhunt (as a jok of course )

Pay him, wow. When I was at Gamestop one time, and I heard they don't buy anything old crap, I picked up a Gamecube game, and was like, "O, I guess I'll just have to go to EBgames. They sell NES, and Gamecube games". Then I walked out. I think I may have pi$$ed the guy off.

Well done! I don't know what a Gamestop is though.
My gamestores dont even sell Psone games anymore so i would have to say that they give bad deals on NES Games.. Can anyone recommend a decent place in Sydney Australia to get NES Games?

Well, I don't live in austrail, but you can go on



My old place to get vintage games was Gamecrazy. What a screwjob. $9.99 for Dr. Mario. I did buy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles there for like $3, though, and same price on NBA Jam Tournament Edition for SNES. But, I recently switched to a local place called Rhino Games, in which Dr. Mario costs $4.99. NES Play Action Football was $.99, and I picked up Ice Hockey the other day for $1.99. Plus all used games, even for the new systems, are Buy 2 Get 1 Free. That's just utterly ridiculous.

Do they have Megaman 1, or 4 there???

I've found that the best places to go is pawnshops closer to the city. Suburban stores tend not to have very many NES Games but the closer you are to poor neighborhoods, the better chance you have of finding the old games.

Some gamestops give you good deals. I got a Tengen PacMania at one for $15. As for selling games there, it's a bad idea. They buy it from you for half the price that they sell it for.

Man, I'd be happy if my local gamestores even sold NES Games...Thats why I'm generally forced into internet deals.