If you could have...

In Games

If you could have 1 complete/factory sealed game for free, what would it be. For me, it would be Dragon Warrior IV.

I dunno Thats Hard probably CHrono Trigger or Final Fantasy III or Castlevania IV.

I'd go with Megaman 3.

I'd have to say none I can't buy games just to look at... I HAVE to play them. When I got all the Aladdin games fresh in package, the first thing I did was open them.

Really? Even if you could pick ANY game ever factory sealed. You could sell it. Just think how many games that you can pick up for 50 dollars for just the cart!

Well, since we're pretending...

I would have an open copy of Bubble Bath Babes, and sell the wrapped one on eBay for $787583858459483905.78 USD

I'll take a sealed NTSC Stadium Events please.

Oh we're just pretending.

Yo! Noid with the free pizza offer in the box.
The Noid just plain kicks ass!

I still have a noid or two.

For me it would be Ninja Gaiden.

I would go with Dragon Warrior III.

I'd go for a Japanese "Legend of Zelda". The first one of course.

I'd get Final Fantasy 3/6, someone sold a new, sealed copy for over $300 on eBay before.