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Anyone remember Bio Metal? No one I know does. All they know is Gradius and R-Type. I think it's a shame that there are all these unique vertical and horizontal shooters that just don't seem to be able to stand the test of time.

Sure, other genres have its sleepers, but i think more than any other genre, the arcade-ey shooter genre is more prone to spawning incredibly unique alterations to an age-old formula, which, unfortunately, tend to be forgotten.

Any comments?

what is R-Type like? i have it on sms.. but i havnt played it that i remember.. i have heaps of games i've just tested then put away without playing.
i might get it out at some point.

R-Type is a side scrolling shooter in space and on planets Etc.you are in a weird ship that can shoot a whole bunch of small blasts and a large blasts but tha large you must charge up for.

Another underrated game id like to ad would be super turrican and mega turrican. Both great shooters that never got the attention they diserved

Abadox is a great horizontal/vertical (switches every few levels) shooter. You fly through the body of a giant monster thing, and get upgrades and the whole bag. Infinite continues are a must, and believe me when I say you're gonna spend a lot of time on this monster. Truly great game limited by it's small release. I strongly suggest picking this one up if you see it lying around.

I know you guys are saying shooters, but Super Spike V Ball is an underated game. It's pretty hard to beat, but it's a lot of fun and addictive. You don't hear much about that game.

It's too bad Guardian Legend was never more popular. It was a brilliant Zelda/vertical shooter hybrid. There's a game that's destined to die in obscurity, which is a shame, and I think Gautamo(?) would agree with me on that.

Ha! I've been going through The Guardian Legend. Right now I'm at the last boss... I cannot beat that thing!!! You go through a level that is pretty easy where you fight all the previous bosses, then you fight the last boss. I can't beat him! Arg!

Anyway, yes, that game is really good. Even though there is a map on the game, it's really easy to get lost. Not really, but sorta. I do like the layout and the way the keys look weird. There are also mini-puzzles on a few of the Corridor openings. Awesoime game!!

Uh... "Zelda"?

Anyway, I don't remember 'Bio Metal' but I do remember 'Biohazard Battle'. It may not be the same game however it is still an unpopular/unplayed shooter.

The most literally "underrated" shooter of All-time is 'Zero Wing'. People seem to think that because it had an awful text translation that the game plays badly too.
Of course, those people are wrong (and possibly even "inbred").

Stay far away from those people.

Uh... "Zelda"?

The most literally "underrated" shooter of All-time is 'Zero Wing'. People seem to think that because it had an awful text translation that the game plays badly too. Of course, those people are wrong (and possibly even "inbred").

Stay far away from those people.

Zelda, RPG, dungeon crawler, whatever. Guardian had that puzzle/action element.

I heard Zero Wing was good, but wasn't particularly distinctive. I haven't played it, since it was an arcade game, and didn't have a US console release. But it did have a European release for the Genesis, didn't it...? Maybe I could get the NES ROM. I've always been curious... Did some research on it a while back. Have you ever read a "fair" translation of it? Apparently, a lot was going on that wasn't even close to explained in the game translation...

I agree that Zero Wing is good, I wish I had a North American release. But I'm told that the PAL cart will boot up on an unmodified Genesis and play just fine. So I'm thinking about trying to find it to import.

it has some awesome music as well.

The Gaurdian Legend rocks, how about Gyruss. A cool type of shooter on a fixed, rotating axis, sorta like Descent. It's real cheap and I haven't heard of many people talk about it. It has amazing graphics and a cool atmosphere. I believe the same guy that worked on Street Fighter 2010 II worked on this game. If I remember correctly from my Ultimate Video Game History or whatever that huge book is called again.

yes sir, Gyruss affirmative I just bought that a while ago.
I play it and it was an ultra/ or Konami game.

I always thought that Air Fortress and Battle of Olympus were two under rated games. Both great (difficult) games.

Golgo 13: Top secret episode is quite the underrated game due to it's rampant difficulty. It also has the first sex scene in game history (excluding atari porno games).


Anyone know the game Penguin Wars or Micro Machines? Nobody knows about them, but theyre 2 of my favorite NES Games

As a matter of fact I just recieved a copy of the Plug Thru version of Micro Machines this morning. It's actually relatively famours in the UK, because of it's connection to Codemasters, who as I said were actually fairly important over here in the home computer market: They produced a lot of budget home-computer games.

Yes Micro Machines is one of my favourite NES Games. My only gripe with it is that you can't see enough of what's coming up ahead of you. The camera needed to be a bit more zoomed out.

I really like Micro Machines. When I got it with my Aladdin carts, it was definitely one of the better games in the lot. I like the colors used on the game. Really vibrant. As Daynum pointed out though, the camera needs to be further out. It's tough trying to memorize tracks when you're to close to the edge of the screen.

Yeah, Micro Machines was popular over here.
I wasn't to keen on it, I was pretty awful at it but it was still alright.

I hate 'Micro Machines'.

I hate how the vehicles at my control have absolutely NO TRACTION what-so-ever.

I hate how the computer opponents have traction, and can recover steering even if you plow into them sideways at top speed.

I hate how my car goes skidding out of control if I'm so much as nudged by another racer.

I hate how the computer opponents are given an "off-screen boost" if they are in the lead.
Example: One car was just slightly ahead of me (half of it showing on the edge of the screen) so as an experiment, I just slowed down until that car is completely off the screen, then immediately speed up again. What happens... the car ahead of me is no where in sight. The computer jumped it ahead by 3-4 screens just because it got out of my view. Stupid!

That game is "cheap" I tell you, CHEAP!
(They might as well have just put "King Ghidora" as a boss on there.)

Gun Nac is a fairly strange yet awsome shooter for the NES. It was made by Compile I think. The same people who made Zanac and The Guardian Legend. Also I recommend Iron Tank. The ability to pick your path through the levels and mix and match your weapons really gives this game a lot more depth than your average shooter.

Iridion II for GBA. The graphics and soundtracks were phenomenal. Never even heard of it until recently. I'm glad I picked it up.

Yeah, it's and it's prequel are quite impressive technically, but I'm less than impressed with the gameplay.

Still, it does bode well for Nanostray on the DS, by the same team.

Guardian Legend was an awesome game another really fun game thats way underrated is cj's elephant antics