Drache's Garage Sale!

In Buy/Sell/Trade


Man in the Iron Mask - $5
From Hell - $5
Rob Roy - $5
A Bridge too Far - $5
Toys - $5
XXX - $10
AVP - $10
Jarhead - $15
Mr & Mrs Smith - $15
The Cowboy Way - $5
X-men - $10
X-men 2 - $10

PC Games -

AD&D Dragonshard - $10
Obscure - $5
Baldur's Gate II - $10
Elderscroll IV: Oblivion - $40

Game Systems

Nintendo 64 - $50
~Expansion pack
~All Hookups
~2 controllers
~memory card
~Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask
~Bomberman: Hero

~2 controllers
~1 Game, Road Rash
~Needs a PS1 POWercord and an NES TV Adapter to work

PC Equipment

SMC Network Hub $40
~Data Transfer Rate: 100 MBps - 10 Base T, 100 BASE TX - Fast Ethernet - 1 MB - 8 Ports


~Durabrand 19inch TV with remote, used very little $75

Open to all reasonable offers on everything since it all has to go! If you want to email me about any of it and see pictures then let me know!

EDIT: Oh yeah and I can send pictures of any of the items mentioned above! If you're into Airsoft then please let me know because I have a few items for sale in that area as well!


X - The Movie: $15

The Soultaker: The Truth - Episodes 10-13: $5

Ghost in the Shell - Original movie: $15

Sakura Wars - The Movie plus full set of trading cards: $15

Vandead: The Second Stage - Sacrifice, episodes 5-7: $5

Gungrave: Beyond the Grave - episodes 1-4: $5

Van Helsing: The London Assignment - Happens before the Van Helsing movie: $5

The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury - Happens after Pitch Black and before The Chronicles of Riddick: $5


Tod McFarlane's Spawn - Side "A" episodes 1-17, Side "B" episodes 18-32: SOLD!

Thundercats - Season 1, volume 1, Deluxe 6-DVD set, episodes 1-33: SOLD!

ALL ANIME = $105, selling ALL for $75

Well I've got an offer for $10 for the NES package. If anyone else wants to make me a better deal like $20 then let me know! I really don't want my NES to go to this guy and end up in his pawnshop lol.

hey does doom 3 include the cd key and everything and how much would shipping be to oshawa (neer toronto) canada?
I would really appreciate if you would tell me the price in cad dollars?

Good to see you back Carange.

Anyhow I really want some of those DVD's there, Is there anything here you want:

And where abouts of Canada are you?

Sorry Doom 3 was sold at my garage sale this weekend. I'll update this post later today with what is left and what isn't.


I've updated the list! I took away everything that's been sold so far and I'll be adding new things later tonight. Sorry to those that wanted something and now it's sold.

Hey All I've added one or two more items to the list above! I also wanted to add this as well:

AMD Anthlon XP 2400+

512mb RAM

16x DVD
52x32x52 CD-ROM/Burner

Soundblaster Live 5.1 soundcard

ATI Radeon 9600XT Graphics Card

40gp Hard drive

Controllerless PCI Modem

Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter

Windows XP Pro

Cyber Acoustics 26 Watt Speakers plus Sub

Logitech Proffessional Keyboard

Logitech Laser Mouse

LG Flatron Monitor (Flatscreen, not LCD)

C/W Counter Strike:Condition Zero and CS: Deleted Scenes

Not one piece of hardware in this computer is more than a year old! All these parts are near new! This is a good gaming platform!


Hey, drache, do you accept Paypal?

No I dont sorry

Does that 3DO work properly?

It did last time I used it before it was packed into a box. It is missing two things to make it work though, first of all it needs a PS1 or PS2 POWer cord, and secondly it needs a nintendo TV Hookup/adapter.

It did last time I used it before it was packed into a box. It is missing two things to make it work though, first of all it needs a PS1 or PS2 POWer cord, and secondly it needs a nintendo TV Hookup/adapter.

A standard POWer cable, and a standard RF switch. Shouldn't be a problem.

These are for trade for other NES Games only!

Big Nose The Caveman
Blues Brothers
Caveman Games
Cybernoid (Very nice box and manual)
Dash Galaxy
Dr. Chaos
Fester's Quest
Gauntlet (Unlicensed Version)
George Foreman's KO Boxing
Golf: Pebble Beach
Goonies 2
Jack Nickalaus Golf
Kings of the Beach (Manual)
Legendary Wings
M.C. Kids
NES Play Action Football (Canadian english AND french version)
Ninja Crusaders
Quattro Sports
Rescue: Embassy Mission
Rock N' Ball
Side Pocket (Manual)
Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 3
Tecmo Baseball
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3
Track and Field II
World Championship Wrestling (missing sticker)
Xevious: The Avenger

Everything in this thread except the Computer (PC) I will trade for NES Games, Accessories, and/or systems!

PM sent

Digging through some stuff of mine and came across a Pro Action Reply for Gameboy Advance! It includes the cord and the mini-CD $15 or trade for NES stuff!

Listed update with a few items as well and price drop on the computer.

Incase anyone is interested I have these up for auction:

I accept trades on all goods except the computer, money orders, and Email money transfers.

Small tote full of real lego. Alot of lego people mostly made up of pirates and medieval characters. Alot of weapons with the characters too lol. Also is a medium sized tote made up of 4 different Mega Blocks Dragon sets including the dragons! There are 5 different colored dragons in all. If you are interested I can also get a picture of the dragons themselves all set up.



The 3D0 is still for sale and I just happened to find the POWer cord for it today! Still no TV cord though. Still $30 CDN plus shipping.

I'll also accept trades on the computer in the form of a Laptop is roughly the same price range.

Also if anyone is into Dungeons & Dragons before it became "advanced" I have a campaign expansion box that was opened but never used! This thing still has the Customer Response card! Champions of Mystara: Heroes of The Princess Ark. If anyone is interested shoot me a PM!

The price on the computer lot has been reduced to $700 which also includes all the PC games with it.

Like I mentioned before I will also trade this PC for a laptop of at least 1ghz, 256mb RAM, and at least 10gb hard disk space.