anyone remember NMorgan? (BAD EBAYER: VIDIDIOTS)

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well, he doesn't post here anymore, but he posts at GameFAQs. he got caught up in the some 'junk'

funny stuff

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HAH! Wow, all I'v got to contribute is:

Total Karnov Ownage Part 3!

Damn straight.

Did anyone actually buy anything from NMorgan?


What an A$$HOLE!

BTW, I'm laughing at his stupidity! What a jerk(off).

Total Karnov Ownage Part 3!

Damn straight.

Did anyone actually buy anything from NMorgan?I almost bid on one of his auctions once I guess it's a good thing i didn't

:lol: He tried to sell to everyone

wow! i didn't even see that thread .

I definetely agree with that. Hes a stupid crook.

Check out who won that Zelda auction.

Check out who one that Zelda auction.

I was gonna tell the bidders that bid on his auctions about what he is doing but there ID's are kept private.

He has made his more recent auctions private but that Zelda one wasn't.

no worries. i already contacted the winning bidder, and he retracted his bid


the fool is at it again!

I suppose, he's got to make up for all that money he lost on the Zelda auction....

wow, what a tool!!

he needs to get hurt!

dam I hope that guy never paid him, what an ass.

What an ass. I see his feedback is private now.

I have to admit. He could have fooled me because it sealed and I would have never have thought about a shrink wrapper. I hope this guy gets what he diserves. I cannot stand theives.

He was a nice guy too, I traded with him and it went perfect. I ended up banning him cause he tried to sell that Zelda on my forum, and I don't want to take part in that kind of thing.

Hey, just want to give everyone a heads up that this NMorgan/vididiots guy is now going to different forums about the NES and calling himself . Props goes out to QB_Bills from NES World for discovering this. Just letting everyone know so you don't end up buying or trading with this piece of crap.

i seen this guy before on ebay.....he just recently bought 3 days ago a stadium events ntsc cart for $772 ? next day different seller put one on buy it now $ copy sold at $ on there now buy it now $400 ????? why would this dope buy this game at $772 ???
hey whatever the case maybe i cant wait till october to sell my complete mint copy of stadium events lol

i seen the games he do you guys know they are fakes, they look really sealed

Because he bought a resealing machine with the same account on ebay? Because he bought the games he resealed on the same account, on ebay?

he bought stadium events cart for $772 yet he says he needs money in his auctions for college tuition ? makes no sense...since next 3 sold at average of $415

i wonder if he will seal that one up too ! lol

^^ I know it has already been posted (by Campkill) but I just had to!

yup i see that...
that is the most funniest video i ever seen
i bought it on ebay.........
i wonder who sings it lol

Weird Al Yankovic.

FIGURES !!!!!!!