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Okay, here's how it goes. You post only ONCE on this thread with names of who you have had dealings with. As you make more deals and have more feedback for people, UPDATE YOUR SINGLE POST. Make sure to clarify if the deals were good or bad for each person. You can seperate the names into two lists of good or bad, or however you would like to do it on your post. If you post more than once on this thread, your second post WILL BE DELETED. There are NO retaliations or objections on this thread if you recieve a negative feedback from someone. If you feel that you have been wronged by someone, talk to them about it via PM to see if you can reconcile it. If not, then just deal with it... we're all friends here after all With that having been said...

MetalSlugger- Very good dealing with this guy. He shipped quickly and had great communication.

Commander Campkill - Easy to deal with, and very courteous. No problems at all.

Dragonlord - Awesome trader who makes sure you get what you want... will hold games for a good while if you need some time to get finances together.

toubabokoomi - made one deal with Tab, and everything went well. Seems like a really honest guy.

ZombieHunterX - Hooked me up real awesome-like... Christmas was good!

Luke - Got a sweet POWer Glove off of him, shipping was fast and all that jazz. No problems at all. I've done more than one deal with Luke now... they went well.

NationalGameDepot - Good shipping price, and game price. Has great communication. Recommended.

Nes-a-holic - Easy dude to get along with and make trades. The packaging was good as well... a very trustworthy individual.

uglyjack - Awesome dude, and very patient if you're poor at the time haha

More to come as I remember more, or make more deals

Excelent Traders:
MetalSlugger - Great communication, great item, no problems!

Bad traders:

Good Traders:

Great traders: Metal_slugged86 - Shipped quickly, good convo's in pm's

Bad Traders:

Good Traders:

Same for you

Also, the best trader I've delt with, was Dragon Lord. I think I bought atleast 5-7 items off him, and everything was perfect.

Great trades with:

- My sealed KEIO: Flying Squadron for his sealed GBA SP, FF: Dawn of Souls and $.
- My Super Bonk, and 3 Mario RPG's for his Sega CD Lunar: Silver star, Vay, and Ram-Cart.
- My Ogre Battle 64 etc, for his $.

- My $ for his Rock'n Roll Racing
- My Shining Force manual and NES ROMance of the 3 Kingdoms II poster + manual for his $.
- My large lot of Manuals and boxes etc. for his $.
- My Paper Mario inst. + Guide and Beyond Oasis box for his $.
- My Lufia, Secret Of Mana x2, SOM map, 7th Saga and Megaman X2 manuals for his $.
- My lot of genesis manuals, boxes and Ninja Gaiden Trilogy for his $.

- My $ for his Genesis, 32x, SegaCD, 13 games and an Activator.

- My Pocky and Rocky, and Robotrek for his Earthbound.

- My $ for his Ogre battle 64, FF VII non-GH, and FF VII Guide.

- My Mercs and Midnight Resistance, for his $.

- My Prince of Persia, POWer Monger, Jurrasic Park, and Puggsy for his $.

- My Casino Kid II and Star Soldier box for his Toejam and Earl.
- My $ for his Gunstar Heroes manual.

- My sega CD games LINKS, Dracula Unleashed and Spiderman vs. Kingpin for his $.

- My misc items for his $.

- My $ for his Breath of Fire II.

- My SNES Taz-mania, Cliffhanger, Saturn FIFA soccer 96, and Demo disc for his $.
- My Heimdall, Space Ace, Berenstain Bears, and Crash Dummies, for his $.

- My Megaman X2 cart and instructions, and Dragon Warrior documents for his $ and Paladin's Quest.

- My Final Fantasy I+II: Dawn of Souls for his $.

- My Ice Climbers, Kirby's Adventure, and Joe & Mac for his $.

- My The Third World War and Ground Zero Texas for his $.

- My Darius Twin, Journey to Silius, Castelian, DOOM, Knuckles Chaotix, Shadow Squadron, Virtua Fighting, Virtua Racing, and Family Dog box for his $.

- My Crazy Taxi, and F-Zero GX for his $.

- My $ for his Mutant League Football.

- My $ for his Playstation Picks pack-in demo.

- My Impossible Mission II B&W for his $.

- My $ for his Mystic Quest, Kirby's Avalanche, Actraiser, and Star Fox.

- My $ for his Metal Warriors.

- My Final Fight CD, Amazing Spider-man, Championchip Pro-AM, Rise of the Dragon for his $.

- My $ for his Lufia, Dragon Warrior IV, FFII, 7th Saga, and Secret of Mana instruction books.

- My $ for his reproduction of Dragon Warrior 5.

- My $ for his Streets of Rage 3.

- My $ for his Final Fantasy II instruction book.

- My Lord of the Sword for his Star Control.
- My Demon Sword box and instructions for his Crash Test Dummies.

- My $ for his complete Dragon Warrior.

- My *nothing* for his Shining Force II

- My Circus Mystery, Earthworm Jim 2,Maze Hunter 3-D, Eternal Champions for his $.

- My Phantasy Star for his $.

- My $ for his Megaman 7, X, X2, X3.

more to come..

: the game was like he said, and he shipped it fast. A+

: 2 times. he's trustworthy. A+
: easy to deal with. A+
: payment was fast. A+
: great buyer. A+
ultra fast payment. A+

: it was as promised, and shipping was fast. A+

Here Goes

ShadowXMetalshred (multi) Could not recomend him any higher, First person I dealt with and a Friend.

Roth Great and Friendly Trading

knightfall_15 (multi) Great on every deal we ever had. I would send first anytime with him.

MADspartan 4D Very patient while I was healing up. Great trader.

Walrii Great Trader

Air Figgy is a pretty good trader he always gets me the stuff fast and he has a tendancy to offer you first dibs if you trade often.....(note i only traded local with no shipping)
i havent traded much with other people so im am not sure of any bad traders

Even though i havent traded with him yet dragonlord was lots of help with trading and was doing his best to make my trading experiance with him go smoothly (to bad it fell apart when i got everything i wanted from my sister lol)

-toubabokoomi A+
-Dragonlord A+
-Commander Campkill A+
-RocknRollJerk A+
-MetalSlugger A+



Traded 2 times until now with NES Luke and I can't complain. Everything's fine.

Roth-paid quick, friendly pm's, good people.

More to come as I hope.

I recently sold some items to . I found him to be a real friendly guy and a pleasure to do business with.

Also sold some stuff to , he payed quickly and was very easy to work with.

And although our deal was a while ago, I should certainly leave feedback for . He sent the game out quickly and it arrived in great condition.

MetalSlugger - Always was friendly in communication, fast shipping, good items, what else could you ask for? A+

(probably can find the feedback in their forum there.
ddockery, Darren870, Canadianzombie -- all transactions went well without problems.

Honest, pleasant guy, smooth purchase. Package arrived swiftly, with the condition exactly as he described it.

I sold Megaman 5 to Malon_Forever back at the start of last summer. I just remembered this because I just cleaned out some old PMs

Everything went well as I recall. Except now I have decided that I want a copy of Megaman 5.

Bought from:
Cracked8ball B-

I had to wait about a month to receive the game.

Traded with:
Luke. Everything was fantastic, the games were exactly as described, and he expressed concern when he thought the stuff was late. I don't want to sound like an eBay slut, but A+.
Bought from:
MADspartan 4D. It all went well, and I got a good deal, also. Recommended seller.

Traded with Luke:

Exactly what I wanted. Got here in wonderful condition.

Well, just got the package I ordered from Luke, so I can report that he's a straightforward, honest seller. No complaints from this end.


Everyone else got theirs a week or more ago...


Canadian Zombie.

I have not run into a bad trader yet. I will update this post when I trade with people. I have a Package coming once it comes I will add them onto this list.

Yep. The package arrived days after I started the move/vacation to Oregon, so it was then sent to my dad's house after said move/vacation was finished.

And I thought it would be a good idea to say here that is officially on the 'Untrustworthy Trader' list.

Well, I posted about MetalSlugger (positive feedback), but I don't see it here. Either way, I have to edit it.

I bought Sonic Adventure for DC and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link for NES off of him. Sonic works great. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, doesn't work at all. I tried cleaning it, but it still didn't work. It doesn't even remotely start. Just comes up with a red or grey screen.

Commander Campkill - Awaiting Package, very good with sale.

MrMark0673 - Awaiting package, excellent so far, quick replies.

These are the folks that I have dealed with since I have been a member with Nesfiles

Purchased From:
MADspartan 4D
Metal Slugger

Sold To:
Malon Forever

Traded With: