Might Trade Game Cube for Xbox

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might be willing to trade my Game Cube w/ the box it came it and all the papers and everything. the controller that came with it, a brand new wire controller that is the same color as the system and a wireless Wavebird. Also I have Soul Calibur II, Batman Begins, Need for Speed: Underground 2, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes and Metroid Prime. But the only thing I'll trade for is a used Xbox with the box it came in and 4 to 5 games and at least an extra controller if not 2. All the stuff Im willing to traid isnt even 3 months old yet. we're talking BRAND NEW hardly used Nintendo gear here. So post here or PM me.

(Im not looking to sell or trade for anything else.)

An X-Box is worth more, so I doubt anyone would do it. The Xbox price will drop soon since the 360 is already knocking on our doors.

Yeah, I would say the Xbox is worth more than the Game Cube. Ive seen most used Game Cubes go for under $100 in the local shops. Xboxes, they still want $130 for them.

I bought myself a used Xbox from a friend two years ago. Got the console, 4 controllers, DVD playback kit and the HD pack for $100. As my Xbox sits now, ive sank more than $1000 into it. Now my Xbox is one bad assed machine!

why the hell would you want to give up your GameCube for an Xbox?! wait I see.... you don't have Resident Evil 4


or Wind Waker or Ikaruga or ...........

You should at least wait for the new Zelda.

or Wind Waker or Ikaruga or ...........

Resident Evil 4 > every other game on GameCube

...I wonder if anyone would trade a slimline ps2 (with box) w/ one reg. sony brand controller, one logitech wireless controller, one 8mb memory card, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Star Wars: Battlefront, Dragonball Z: Budokai 2, and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater for a working Xbox, 2 or 3 controllers, memory card, Halo and Halo 2 and a couple other games? hmm... I dont know if that would be worth the traid though... tell me if you guys think its worth it? and if anyone has a working Xbox, 2 or 3 controllers and atleast Halo and Halo 2, PM me or post here if interested.

Im gunna goto the pawn shop tomorrow and see what those two timers have to say to trading all that slimline ps2 stuff for an Xbox w/ stuff. (I hate pawn shops. they'll try and rip you off at all cost.)

been there and back. I now own an Xbox and Halo.

Atleast you traded one evil for another

yes, but he got the worse of the 2 evils

how so? just because Microsoft made it?

I think he was joking.

OK, gamecube is worse than Xbox (even though gamecube has ATI video...) and as for Resident Evil 4 (yes its a hella good game) read this hehehe so i guess XBOX is better hehe.... (and its not a fair trade GameCube to Xbox).......

but it is fair to trade a Cube for a box(hehehe) . if someone wants a Cube and just happens to have the box , and hates his box he could Trade!