Yo Noid NES Review - Pizza can be a premise for a GREAT Nes game!!!!

by Daniel M. on Thursday, February 15, 2001
In this clever little game from Capcom, you are Dominoe's famous pitchman The Noid. This red feind is on a quest for good ( for once in his life) and is out to stop the mean Mr.Green who is trying to take over the big apple with his henchmen. Armed with only his Yo-Yo and with the ability to find Magic Scrolls along the way NOID will try his best to defeat Mr.Green.
Along the way on Noid's quest he will encounter a wharf, an icy wonderland, A skateboard park, and even the NYC sewers!! After Noid successfully completes so many levels its off to the Pizza Eating Contest..its a battle of the bulge as you battle an evil counterpart to devour piles of pizza. If you win success to you..if you blow..start the level over my friend...this game is very creative and is definately worth a play. You can find it at your local Funcoland or Used Video Game store for about 4 dollars.

-Daniel M.
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