Yo Noid

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Yo Noid NES Game
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Yo Noid Codes/Cheats
SXXLIGVG        Stop timer
IAKUVGPA        More magic from small scrolls
AEUGSKTZ        Multi-mega-jumps
PAXSNZLA        1 continue
TAXSNZLA        6 continues
ZEVSKPPA        Start on stage 2
GEVSKPPA        Start on stage 4
TEVSKPPA        Start on stage 6
AEVSKPPE        Start on stage 8
ZEVSKPPE        Start on stage 10
GEVSKPPE        Start on stage 12
AUUIVPZL + AKUSOPZG     Start with 1 life
IUUIVPZL + IKUSOPZG     Start with 6 lives
PUUIVPZU + PKUSOPZK     Start with 9 lives
SXKTTUVK + SXKVPUVK     Infinite lives
Yo Noid Visitor Reviews
Reviewer Title Date/time
Yo Noid Review by Uber newb Good GOD... 4/26/2005 3:15:40 PM
Yo Noid Review by ravenq76 Make way for the Dominoes Cash Cow! 6/29/2003 3:23:24 PM
Yo Noid Review by Noidhater Oh the difficulty. 6/19/2003 3:18:37 PM
Yo Noid Review by BombOmb Yo! AnnNoid! 1/11/2003 2:37:31 PM
Yo Noid Review by Maddbat ADDICTIVE! 8/11/2001 6:37:01 PM
Yo Noid Review by Daniel M. Pizza can be a premise for a GREAT Nes game!!!! 2/15/2001 8:43:30 PM