Monopoly NES Review - Best Video Monopoly

by pnaw10 on Thursday, March 18, 2004
I remember when my dad and I eagerly anticipated the release of this game. I must have called local stores at least a dozen times each, checking and re-checking on the release date and prices.

I think this is the best video game version of Monopoly I've seen to date. The SNES version wasn't that great, nor has any computer version I've played. Well, there is one Windows version that was OK, but this NES version was still better than the rest.

It's very easy to navigate your way around the different areas of the game... between trading and reviewing your properties, and things like that. I like how there are animations for the rent, passing Go and taxes, but I also like that you can easily skip them anytime as well.

If I recall correctly, the game also allowed you to choose between 8 different computer players, who each had their own "style" of playing to win. The other thing I liked was that a bug in the game sometimes allowed you to take control of a computer player and have them trade stuff to you... hehehe...

One thing I don't remember was whether this game allowed you the option of exercising "house rules." You know, things that aren't technically in the "official" rules, but many people do them anwyay. One popular example is when people pay Luxury Tax, the $50 to get out of jail or any money mandated by a Chance/Comm. Chest card, the money is placed under "Free Parking." Whoever lands on Free Parking first, gets whatever money is there. It's not part of the official rules, but it can make things a little more interesting.

The more I think of it, the more I think the NES Monopoly played strictly by the rules. I believe it was my Windows version which allowed money under Free Parking (because I remember it had a space where you could type in a default amount which would always be the minimum amount sitting there).

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