Game Manufacturer:
Parker Brothers
Game Genre:
Monopoly Photos
Monopoly Codes/Cheats
YLSSOLPU        Collect $300 as you pass Go
IPSSOLPU        Collect $100 as you pass Go
AAVZKAYP        Pay $0 to get out of jail
IPVZKAYO        Pay $100 to get out of jail
LOOAVKZP        Pay $30 for luxury tax
IOOAVKZO        Pay $100 for luxury tax
PUOAVKZP        Pay $200 for luxury tax
AESAVGPL        Pay $0 for income tax
LOSAVGPL        Pay $30 for income tax
IOSAVGPU        Pay $100 for income tax
YUSAVGPU        Pay $300 for income tax
YLOSLKLK        $300 to buy Boardwalk
LIOSLKLG        $600 to buy Boardwalk
PLOIZGIG        $200 to buy Park Place
LGOIZGIK        $400 to buy Park Place
LIOIZGIG        $600 to buy Park Place
IPOSZGPU        Houses on Park Place cost $100
YLOSZGPU        Houses on Park Place cost $300
IPXILGPU        Houses on Boardwalk cost $100
YLXILGPU        Houses on Boardwalk cost $300
YAOAILLA        Go Back 7 spaces instead of 3 on Chance
Monopoly Visitor Reviews
Reviewer Title Date/time
Monopoly Review by pnaw10 Best Video Monopoly 3/18/2004 1:28:13 AM
Monopoly Review by Rob Veon Depressing 12/27/2002 3:19:31 PM
Monopoly Review by stan Good realisation ! 10/8/2002 11:47:52 AM
Monopoly Review by Hokum Grade: A 1/1/2002 7:41:46 AM