Low G-Man

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Low G-Man NES Game
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Low G-Man Codes/Cheats
PEXIZTLA        Start with 1 life
TEXIZTLA        Start with 6 lives 
PEXIZTLE        Start with 9 lives
PEOSKALA        1 life after continue
TEOSKALA        6 lives after continue
PEOSKALE        9 lives after continue
SZNIEEVK        Infinite lives
GZKINOVK        Stop timer
SZVSKOVK        Vehicle fuel never runs out
AAEZATZE        Full energy gained from capsules
PAEZATZA        Less energy gained from capsules
LAVSKAPA        Full EMDP on a new life
ZAVIKAAA        Full AGM on a new life
ZEOZZTLE        Pick up 10 boomerangs
ZAVXGTLE        Pick up 10 fireballs
ZEUXATLE        Pick up 10 bombs
ZESXTTLE        Pick up 10 waves
Low G-Man Visitor Reviews
Reviewer Title Date/time
Low G-Man Review by Optomon Low G Man 8/28/2003 4:24:27 AM
Low G-Man Review by Mega Man Low G Man 2/4/2003 5:28:12 PM
Low G-Man Review by steven armendinger low g man 10/3/2001 12:26:53 PM