Home Alone 2 NES Review - Go

by Dog Go! on Tuesday, January 21, 2003
Isn't it amazing the crappy games that you bothered to get acquainted with when you were a kid? Looking at Home Alone 2 nowadays, I see it's barely worth even attempting to advance in - just shoddily designed and programmed; a lousy, generic platform game. But when I was a kid, I spent hours trying to master it and blamed my frustration on my own skill, not how crappy the game actually was. I could still spend an hour or two on it now based on nostalgia factore alone, but if it hold no childhood memories for you, you'll likely be lost when trying to find it's appeal. But when it cost $50 and a new Nintendo game was a gift from God, it was worth looking beyond it's flaws.

-Dog Go!
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