Friday the 13th NES Review - Jason Scabhees.. Hudson Hunk or Hudson Hulk??

by NES Dude on Monday, November 26, 2001
for this very original game I have to say Kane Hodder did a great job designing it. Kane Hodder spent tireless hours in the basement of his jokter apartment preparing this title for Friday the 13th fans and fiends. For fukk factor this game gets a sizzling 9 out of 10. FOr graphics i give it a -3 out of 10000 simply because i can draw a better game with my eyes closed. For funky factorz i give it a great 35 for baldness and purple janitor uniforms. my pal Spockter loved this game so much he achieved an instantaneous erection when he say Adhees' baldness and purple robes. I, on the other hand, couldn't masturbate to this game. It was too rough on my frecklies and frobules. So with one closing argument, Adhees can live in my pants forever but a besautiful hard-on will never occur simply because Freedddy is the suprememe master of the tesicles.

-NES Dude
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