Friday the 13th NES Review - Highly addictive

by Fuzzy on Monday, September 8, 2003
The premise is simple: bump off Jason before he kills all your counselors (6 playable characters) or all the kids you're watching.

The good: replayability. Now it's all the same place (Camp Crystal) but you never know exactly where Jason's gonna start or what he's gonna attack next. The characters have their differences although two will be the "good" ones to use. Strategy is important, keeping your counselors armed and a couple close enough to handle Jason issues while your faster characters collect loot and, um, do the side-quest (Jason's mom?!?).

The bad: repetitiveness. Jason shows up, you beat him back. You have to do this three times ,each time with him getting stronger. The difficulty level on this game is high.

Overall I love the game. It's unique, replayable if a bit bland and difficult but not impossible.

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