Friday the 13th NES Review - Well, if you liked the movies...

by Stacey S. on Monday, January 20, 2003
Oh man, having not played this game for years, I decided to d/l the rom(shhh!). I have fond memories of playing this game at my cousin's house and just about crapped my pants everytime the cartridge hit that nes deck. I think he left it at my house at one time, and I was too scared to play it, keep in mind, I was like 8! There was something about that horrible gameplay and music that was tattooed on my brain. I've had countless nightmares about this game, but it was so great, the thrill, Jason coming along and ripping you to shreds. Like whoever was just saying, yeah, you'll be walkin' along that dusty path mindin your own business and Jason just darts across the screen and in a split second, you're dead. Now I wouldn't call this game a classic NES experience, more of a guilty pleasure, I didn't play it for long, coz its almost impossible let alone playing it with a KEYBOARD!!!

-Stacey S.
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