Darkwing Duck NES Review - sad game

by FlamingLemming on Saturday, March 29, 2003
I used 2 love DWD, back in the day. but this game is a sad excuse for entertainment. The hit detection is rather bad, the bosses take forever to kill, and the annoyance factor is off the scale. Add to that the fact that there is no game saves, passwords or anything of the like. one little glitch sends you back 2 the beginning only to have ya get pissed off again.
Despite its lack of gameplay value, it does have intrinsic value. I could use the cartridge to prop open a window, or as a coaster, paperweight, bookend, frisbee, home base, or even to put under a table leg to keep the table from wobbling. yes, DWD has many uses. playing it isnt really one of them.
peace out.

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