Does anyone else have the Zelda graphic novel?

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I picked this up a while ago.. along with a Super Mario graphic novel. It's really all of the chapters of the Link to the Past comic from Nintendo POWer put into one book. Same with the Mario one.

I was just wondering if it was rare, because I've never seen either of them on eBay.

The artist is Japanese... I'll try and scan some pictures of it later.

Never heard of that. It's a good idea to get us some scans.

If there's a Japanese version of that I might look for it there.

That does sound intresting. How about some scans?

If So They probably made a Metroid Ahhhhhh I needs it!I already read it but O well Ahhhhh.

they made a Castlevania and Silent hill Graphic Novels!

Silent Hill?! That sounds pretty sweet. Anyone know if it was any good?

Probably it has some pretty cool art Too !(the Graphic of the novel)

Okay I did some scanning..

Zelda cover -

Zelda page 1 -

Zelda random page -

Mario cover -

Mario page 1 -

Those surely look intersting. I'll have to look for those in Japan.

Thanks for the scans.

Jeez, you can get anything in Japan. I envy you!

I have issuse 32 of Nintendo POWer, back in 1992, and it has one in there. Its good.

They both really are quite good reads... I've read them several times.. The Mario one is quite humurous. I bought them at Wal Mart, long ago.. They were in the strategy guide section.. The Zelda is in crappy shape, because I let a couple of my friends borrow it a few times.. But the Mario one is in near mint.

Correction: I can look for stuff in Japan.

I see. If you do get a hold of the Silent Hill comic, post pics of it on a thread, will ya? I'm really curious.

Yes, they both look like they could be good reads.
I remeber back when I had some mario books in the choose your own ending style i.e "turn to page 60 if you want to....turn to page 23 if you want to...." They were good and rather humourous.

I could go for all of 'em.

I found a copy of the Zelda one on Amazon... There's only one, and it's only 5 bucks.

Hey, missed this thread before. I have both of those graphic novels as well. Picked them up out of a pile of strategy guides that were being clearanced at Walmart maybe 10 years ago.

I think I paid 2 or 3 bucks each for them. They're really cool.

They had a DVD of that crappy Tv Series!

I found the Silent HIll one at a local Borders!

You lucky @#*$!

It's 20 bucks but .........................................I'm Broke

if anyone wants to sell one of those Zelda ones, let me know.