Zelda II - Second Quest?

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I'm having trouble remembering if there was a second quest to the second Zelda. Does any body else remember?

Yeah there is,but nothing special.

Second Quest?
Well it isn't really a second quest, but you can beat the whole game again, you get to keep your current levels you had when you beat the game.

That's right! Then you could beat the first couple of bosses in like two to three hits, if I remember correctly. Man, I did like that game, even with it's differences.

I haven't put much time into that one yet, but now it's on the list too... and it's becomming a long list

Oh how the lists always grow! My list is everything, but that will take forever!

mine is fast becomming everything everyone on the board keeps mentioning games that I remember wanting so badly when my NES was new but could never afford to get. now that they're cheap (mostly) I have a large task ahead of me.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is a kick ass game indeed, i just stopped playing it b4 going on the net, it's funny though how you remember everything but still it's not that easy to beat.

Link begins the second quest, which is the same as the first, with 8's for attack, life and magic.

I remember playing the NES Zelda, I beat the first boss and after that got lost. I have to say they really put some thought into that first dungeon

Yup i havent beaten Zelda 1 yet, but i heard second quest was MUCH MUCH harder.

Did you guys ever play Zelda II: The Adventure of Link: The Adventure of Error? If not, visit htis site:

Daynum started a topic on that here:

I've never tried playing it yet, but it looks like it could be quite humorous!

I got a review of it on my site but it's a little under construction since I was working on frames and then it saved over it. Damn Microsoft...

i'd play adventures of link, but my only copy is in excellent condition in box, and i dont want to leave it out of it's box too long. though at the same time, i dont want to take it out and put it back terribly often either.
so im not gonna play it till i get another cheap assed copy somewhere

or you could buy that Zelda Collectors edition with one two and ocarina and majoras all on one disc.

The GameCube D-pad is WAY too small to play Zelda with, I tried...

That disc hasn't been produced since they stopped shipping it with the GameCube, so good luck finding it.

I got mine for 10 bucks at my local Game Exchange

I know the D-pad isn't the greatest.

I never understood why Nintendo re-released games like that. If people wanted the games, people would've bought them for the system they were originally designed for.