[Japan] Ocarina of Time on VC in February

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In February Nintendo will release Zelda - Ocarina of Time for the Virtual Console in Japan. It will cost 1200 points. I hope for European gamers that price will be only 1000 points here.
Would you buy that game for 1200? (=12US$)

Pretty sweet. I can't wait until North America gets OoT on the VC.

I'd pay it. I'd say one of the top 3 Zelda games of all-time.

Maybe among the best 3 of all time?

The game is definitely worth 12$, but does Nintendo really have to ask that much for their downloads?
Is it to subsidize their free online plans?
I mean, they don't even enhance the games with online multiplayer and have virtually no distribution costs. The few megabytes the game weighs don't cost them more than a few cents. If I wasn't a die-hard Nintendo fan I'd say that they're greedy.

It would be so cool to have all the games for around 500 points, i.e. 5$, like the PSone games downlods which only cost 525 Yen.

I think that I would give it a miss. That is, unless, there was some kind of addition. For a slight bit more (maybe $3, $4) I could buy a N64 with the game. I have the game on the W.W bonus disk anyway.

Seeming as I already have OOT on:
The N64 original,
The bonus disc with WW,
The Collectors Edition disc,
as well as the Master Quest version I don't think I really need it again.