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Well, one of the Google ads on this site linked me to this really cool place that sells ocarinas. What I thought was even more cool is the fact that they have instructions for how to play all of the Zelda songs on the page, as well as demonstrations of what they sound like.

that links directly to the videos of the songs being played, but browse around and check out some of the other stuff if you're a fan of the music.

That's a cool site.
Good job digging that out.
The ocarinas are beautiful.
My arts teacher back then had also an ocarina and it looked like the one in Ocarina of Time!

Wow! That is a pretty cool find!

You seem to have a knack for finding the music "links"!

That's true.
He seems to love video game music very much.
Go on and find more, it's always very interesting what you are showing us.

Wow! That is a pretty cool find!

You seem to have a knack for finding the music "links"!

Well, lately I have found myself listening to more video game music than anything else... and not that pre-recorded CD Audio junk... actual FM synthesized music.

I think the Genesis is my favorite, followed by the NES.

on the topic of the Ocarinas, I think Roll is going to pick up a soprano pendant ocarina. I'd like to get the Ocarina of time,or maybe the XL ones since I like the deeper tones, just to see if I could play it. and they're not that expensive. so I might do that when I get out of this slump.

Get one.
I once tried it and it didn't seem that difficult.
Ocarinas are cool.

I have a Ocarina with a triforce on it I found at a renissance fair.

I have two full CDS of Zelda music one has 60 Tracks on it and another has 25.

The German Gamepro magazine has a DVD coming with it every month and on the new issue they stuffed a Zelda soundtrack on the DVD. That's quite cool. And the I have another soudtrack that came out together with a Zelda book in Japan.

ah that is a pretty cool site i have about 4 cds of Zelda music from the first game all the way to wind waker i think Zelda music is awesome.......
i also have a lot of other game midis as well some are actually very good.........

yeah, i found how to make Ocarinas along time ago online it was cool.

I don't have an ocarina, but I do have the OoT soundtrack with 80 tracks.