"Ocarina of Time" inspired by the old cartoon and

In Zelda

Did you ever notice that many things in "Ocarina of Time" are obviously inspired by the old cartoons and the corresponding comic series? Here are some examples:

1. Link has a fairy around him, like in the cartoon.

2. The idea that Zelda owns the Triforce of Wisdom while Ganon owns POWer and Link Courage is from the comics. It wasn't established in the games. In part 1, Zelda had Wisdom and Ganon had POWer. Then Link had Wisdom, then he had Wisdom and POWer. In part 2 Wisdom and POWer belong to the kingom again and Link looks out for Courage. In the Super Nintendo game, Ganon had all three Triforces. The comics were the first thing to have this classic assignment of Zelda --> Wisdom, Ganon --> POWer, Link --> Courage. (There, the Triforce of Courage was inside Link, in his heart.)

3. In no game was the fact mentioned that Ganon's pig-like appearance comes from being corrupted by the Triforce of POWer or that it is a special transformation. (In fact, I believe they originally meant him to look like this by default. As Bowser is a turtle, Ganon is a pig. That's it. And if we look at his minions (dogs, bats, rabbits next to normal monsters), then why should he look human?) But in one of the comics Link got the Triforce of POWer and became corrupted by it as well and after a certain time he began to turn into a pig.

4. In the games every single one of these stupid goddesses who, as stated in the post-NES Games, created the Triforce has a different color. While in the first three games no distinct color was given, neither for the Triforces themselves, nor for the "goddesses", the cartoon and comics already had them, athough Wisdom's and Courage's colors were inverted: The Triforce of POWer was red, the Triforce of Courage that only appeared in the comics and in "Captain N" was blue and the Triforce of Wisdom was green in the cartoons and yellow in the comics.

There's also one thing from the cartoon that was already adopted in "A Link to the Past": The fact that the Triforce can speak.

So, what do you think about it? Do you think it's just a coincidence or did they really take some ideas from the American cartoons and comics?

Gannon doesn't have a "pig-like appearance" in Ocarina of Time.

Istn't that what I wanted to point out?
I wanted to say: In the chronologically first game he looked different, so his corruption because of having only the Triforce of POWer changed his look.

Istn't that what I wanted to point out?

Well, if you want to use the eye-rolling smiley, all cocky like, I'll clarify...

You said:

And then went on to explain that he had a pig-like appearance in the comics. Therefore, Ocarina of Time is not at all inspired by the comics as far as the appearance of Ganon is concerned.

So it seems you were trying to point out the opposite by suggesting that it's inspired by the comics.

I didn't only say that he had a pig-like appearance in the comics. (If this was my only statement in point 3, it would have been completely unnecessary because that's just what he was also in the (S)NES Games.) And I didn't say that he was a pig in "Ocarina of Time" at all. I said that the following idea was established in the comics:
--> <--
And then I said that this idea isn't mentioned in the (S)NES Games (and also that I think that originally (in NES times) he was meant to be a pig by default, just like Bowser is a turtle by default). But the idea comes back in "Ocarina of Time" because this game plays in the beginning, before Ganon was completely corrupted. And since he has a human look there, and later in the timeline he gets a pig look, that idea of his changed look is taken from the comics.

To summaize it, I wanted to say the following:
a) NES and SNES: Ganon is a pig. It's just like that.
b) Comic: Ganon became a pig because of his corruption.
c) N46 (it's chronologically the first game): Ganon(dorf) looks human-like. So the pig is a transformation because of his corruption.
d) Conclusion: "Ocarina of Time" adopted the "He mutates when he becomes corrupted" idea not from any of the former official canonical games, but took it from the non-canonical American comics.

Why do you ask questions you don't want to hear an answer to?

It is possible that some ideas were inspired from other sources, like the comic or cartoon. I can easily see the idea of Link's fairy being inspired by Sprite from the cartoon. Your logic is a bit suspect though. X is true, Y is true. Therefore X=Y doesn't really do it for me.

Also, when you start talking about what is canon and what is not as if the developers give a damn... that's just funny :D

He didn't answer my question, he just corrected me in an issue where I didn't make a mistake at all.

. Do you refer to the Ganon-pig-thing? According to your formula that you accredit to me, I must have said:
"In the comics it is revealed that Ganon's pig appearance comes from the Triforce of POWer" (X is true)
"In "Ocarina of Time" it is revealed that Ganon's pig appearance comes from the Triforce of POWer" (Y is true)
Therefore "The revealings in the comics that Ganon's pig appearance comes from the Triforce of POWer=The revealings in "Ocarina of Time" that Ganon's pig appearance comes from the Triforce of POWer" (X=Y)
You see? I said nothing like X=true ^ Y=true --> X=Y.

I just wanted to say that they take ideas from things that are created by third parties and that are neither considered canon, nor very accurate. (Many people think the cartoons are crap.) This is as if Capcom took ideas for their "Street Fighter 2010" games from the Jean Claude van Damme "Street Fighter 2010" movie. It's just funny: Nintendo created a game and gave a license for cartoons of it. Then the Americans made a silly, already parody-like cartoon version of the overall serious game. And in later games Nintendo adopts some ideas from that silly, parody-like cartoon.

You know what? I have no clue on what you guys are talking about, it's like you're all speaking in another language...

That's all well and good, but I didn't say anything about Luke.

So, what were you referring to, then?

That's not what I meant. This game is a direct film conversion. (And it's not considered canon inside the offcial "Street Fighter 2010" universe, it was just a byproduct.) I meant: Nintendo's way of taking over the cartoons' and comics' ideas is like if Capcom took ideas established in the film and used them for their regular games. As if in a later "Street Fighter 2010" game it would be revealed that Dhalsim is a scientist or that Zangief worked for M. Bison. (By the way, Capcom actually did that. Not with the movie, but they took ideas from the (third party) anime and used them for the "Street Fighter 2010 Alpha" series. But here the anime wasn't considered to be quite cheesy and cheap, like it is always said about the "Zelda" cartoon and the "Street Fighter 2010" movie, so, it's still not the same situation.)

If I had to guess, I would say he's referring to the fact that you've made several threads with totally valid (although rather poorly described) questions, but refuse to accept any of the help/opinions offered on those topics. rudely stating that it's not the information you're looking for.