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Some months ago I found a website with NES stuff and there you could also download the 13 episodes of the "The Legend of Zelda" cartoon in a relatively good quality. (Other pages either only have it for viewing it online or the quality is worse.) On the site an episode of "Captain N" was also available, but in a very bad quality. And they also offered one "Super Mario Bros." episode, but it somehow didn't work. The site's name didn't contain the word "Zelda" or a specific game, but it included "NES", as far as I remember.
Does anybody know the site? I've forgotten the name.

P.S.: If you could tell me a site that has the "Zelda" episodes as real DVD rips (for example converted as Video CD files), that would also be great. (But only if they are directly downloadble, not that Torrent stuff.)

O.k., I got it:

Awesome, thanks for the "Link!" ... ugh, that was awful haha

The cartoons are also available at . There they are a bit bigger, but the ones on NESPlanet have sharper colors and, to my opinion, are the better versions.