"Zelda" artwork

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Does anybody know where I can find scans of the official artworks from the NES "Zelda" games? And I don't mean the pictures from the manual, I mean additional pictures.
For example I know that there is an official image of Princess Zelda. She has red hair and a pink dress. (And no, I don't mistake her with part 2 Zelda who also has red hair and a pink dress and who is shown in the manual of "Zelda II: The Adventure of Link".) I saw this picture once in a magazine by Nintendo and I wonder how many artworks are there for the NES titles. For example I have never seen an official drawing of Ganon from the first game. Does it exist?

So, where can I find such artworks?

You always have the weirdest and most specific requests.

That's the most complete collection I know of.

Thanks a lot. (Although in the image of Princess Zelda that I own she has longer hair.)