9 dungeons and 70 hours of gameplay for Zelda TP

In Zelda

- The game is 70 hours, including all sidequests according to Eiji Aonuma
- The Wii version has unique controls
- Link is a Righty in the Wii version
- Link is Lefty in the GCN version
- The game has at least as many "temples" as Ocarina of Time (which was 9)
- It will release for Wii on December 8th, 2006 (Germany)
- The GameCube version will be released after Wii version, but still in 2006(Germany)
- They compare the sword of the Darknut to Phantom Ganon's sword in The Wind Waker
- Reconfirms the title is after Ocarina of Time chronologically
- There's an image which the magazine believes the "light spiral" near the waterfall is a portal to transform into the Wolf.
- Wolf Link can gain abilities as he progresses
- Eiji calls the King of Red Lions in TWW a father figure to Link who kept him on the right track. TP won't have a father figure, but Link will have many friends in the game. There will be one grown-up girl that will be very helpful for him.
- No wii-connect24 or online support.
- The horse is faster than epona in OoT
- The GameCube version was nearly completed when they decided to put in the Wii controls.
- The transition from gc to wii control scheme was quite difficult and they changed it again recently. Now they can concentrate on fine tuning the game.
- When link becomes a wolf his scent becomes keener so that he can find hidden things that he coulnd't find as normal link.
- Eiji vaguely hints that the Twilight Princess will be someone different from Zelda.
- The mention of Biggoron refers to Biggoron's Sword only, which is similar in size to the Darknut's sword.
- Link will have the horse at the beginning, but then when some accidents take place, the two are separated. Later on, Link will find the horse again, and that is when he can name it (at least that's what the sentence structure implies, but it may be a mistake and we can still name her right at the beginning).
- While the light deity is strangely called a "bull" by the mag, there's no reference being made to the Toaru goats or anything like that.
- About Midna, Eiji says she won't be able to stop the Twilight Realm's progression on her own, so that's why Link is responsible to help her.
- About Phantom Hourglass, Eiji says something disturbing: "PH is often called a sequel of TWW - that's not fully correct, as it merely makes use of the same graphics style."
He also states that they didn't include any storyline-wise connection between TP and PH, because the games are so different.
- The canoe will be used in other mini-games besides fishing.

Yay! I hope they're not counting Ganon's tower in this number. But when I do get a Wii this game for sure will be the first one I buy. MARK MY WORDS!


70 hours?! OUCH!!

70 hours!! Yay! I doubt that it will take that long though. (Kingdom Hearts 2 took that long for me (all sidequests))

I have a feeling after playing this game or any other Wii game with the Wiimote like moving around and such I would be tired after an Hour doing it. Am I the only one who feels this way?

I planned to get that game at launch, but I changed my mind.
I want it, but it would only consume precious time I ought to use towards my master's thesis.
I will get it maybe in a year or so, for about half the price I hope.

70 hours... nice.

I keep telling my friends that this game alone is reason enough to get the Revolution, but they're so damned set on the PS3...ah, well.
70 hours of gameplay? I wonder how they figure that? Watch a group of test players and just figure the average? I remember that The Legend Of Zelda was hailed on the box as a "Never-ending quest," or words to that effect, and I was really excited about that. Well, it...ends.

Well, let your friends spend their 600 hard-earned (?) dollars on the PS3 and you play and enjoy the new Zelda.