Zelda on the Wii To Include Sword Swinging

In Zelda

IGN has the news that the Wii version of Twilight Princess has been retooled to allow you to swing Link's sword. The bow and arrow has been moved to the 'B' button, alleviating one of the big complaints hands-on users had at E3. From the article:
"Miyamoto felt that that shooting the arrow with the D-pad was too difficult, and the B button allows for quicker and easier shooting. It's unclear if the game will require the new control scheme or if players will be able to chose between different methods of control. Nintendo Dream closed off by asking Miyamoto to name the version of Zelda he personally prefers. The master game maker said that he'd play the Wii version, but added that both versions will be fun."

Very cool!! I really can't wait for this game!


Yeah that sounds cool. Hopefully it's pretty accurate. I imagine it will be as this seems to be the Wii's main selling point. That and a lower price than XBOX 360 and PS3.

The only thing I wish is that they would have a list of downloadable vintage (NES, SNES, Genesis, etc.) games available to view. Just have to wait I guess.

Oh and some prices per download too.

Yes, even though the word "Wii" is dead to me (I will always call it the Revolution) I do think that would be the coolest possible feature. Humankind is only a short step away from letting us control all of Link's motions like this, and feeling the stalfos blade as if it were actually being rammed through our spleens. Let's hear it for technology!

I thought this was confirmed a while ago (i.e months ago) but I guess that isn't the case. To be honest, I would have been more suprised if it DIDN'T include it. I hope it utilises more wiimote features also. Unfortunately, the only version i'll be playing anytime soon is the gamecube version.