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This story is from the time when I was younger (12ish?). I had just bought a top-loader and about 20 games from my ex-buddy (for 20 dollars, back before the top-loader was a hot hot commodity). Anyways, one of the games was the original gold cart Zelda. Needless to say that this story is sad enough for the reason that I didn't play it until I was twelve years old. But no matter, I played and love it.
When I finally beat the game I was so proud of myself and told my whole family at the dinner table. I soon started the second quest. That weekend, my brother had a friend over to spend the night, I slept on the couch while they had the room that my brother and I shared. So, I wake up, the friend leaves and I get right back to my Zelda (which was in my room). I boot it up and see that he had replace my game with a new three heart game with the name "SHIT" needless to say that I was enfuriated. I asked my brother, he denied it. Later I asked my brothers friend if he knew about it, to which he replied "You can't Zelda for shit". I was shocked, but that is the end of my sad story.
I think it's funny now, and especially because I say it to my group of nerd friends, and I have told them the story so it's kind of our way of saying you're not so good at a game..

That's terrible.
I think I'd have beat up the one who did it.
Actually I always put my games with precious save stats away when someone elso was playing with my consoles.

Luckily, I haven't had a problem with this. I think I'd be furious with someone! I've had memory cards lose information however. That's enough to set anyone off!

It was always my worst nightmare when I lent games to friends that they would accidently delete or change my file. I don't think it ever happened though. I would always make sure there were a couple of blank spaces available for them and then stress "don't mess with my file!".

Also I don't have any brothers so no problem on that front. I have a sister but we had a "don't mess with my stuff and I won't mess with yours" sort of agreement.

I also owned a N64 memory pack that always lost information. It was one of those with data compression. Those never work well.

Indeed sad stury, glad it never happened to me,i dunno what i would have done with the person in question.

I don't get it, he starts file over yours with the name "SHIT" using it as a joke that you can Zelda for shit. Was he insulting your skills or somthing or did you brag about it so much he got pissed and did that? Plz fill me in.

Oh yes, that's true, I totally forgot about that.

man, that sucks, I would have gone insane.

Offtopic -- On the NES Zelda games on the NES can you save or do you have to go through the whole game in one go ?

Both Zelda games on the Nes have a save feature.

One time, i had been playing harvest moon back to nature for PS and had like 30+ hours put into it, and then go to memory card manager, to delet some BS saves, and yep you guessed it. i hit my save blocks for HMBN. I quit playing for a while after that, i wasnt about to do it over again.

As stated above, you can save on it... given you have a properly working battery. If not, then you have to be good:

I really should put a new battery in it sometime.

i lent my ex-friend Zelda II: The Adventure of Link once and he blatantly ignored the 2 empty slots and recorded over my 4 year old (i was seriously stuck in that game) save slot. My god, i wanted to rip his lungs out. Ignorant sod did it with other games aswell.