Why you DON'T want The Legend of Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

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For those that know, this is one of three games made by Philips off license for Nintendo to make up for Nintendo backing out of having Philips make their CD extension for the SNES. Here you have it, The introductory and end clips to the game. Might not wanna watch these in case you ever decide to play through the game and don't like spoilers, but believe me...it's not worth it.

You're right--sick, sick, and more sick. The precious Zelda series meets "The Littles?" I DON'T THINK SO.
Not to insult any fans of that program out there, but Link just doesn't mix with that style of animation.

Oh, dear me. Link's like an excited eight year old. And when the king does his hand gestures, he looks like he's rapping. And all you have to do to defeat the final boss is throw a wand at him. Yet I still want to play it.

haha, i want it even more now.

<<<<<< Ussop!

Man, this game scares me, a lot!

The boss says, "Die" too many times to.

ANd this game, "Zelda CD-I: The Faces of Evil"


I can't wait until they add CD-I games to the VC.