The "ZELDA" sword.

In Zelda

As it happens, in the original game, if you register your name as Zelda, the icon next to your name (Link) get's to hold up a sword. But this does absolutely nothing to assist you in the game. I remember that if you did it in Link's awakening the music changed, but here, we get nothing. I think. My question is: Has anyone discovered a use for this sword icon? I mean all it does for me is apparently make the icon cooler; but then again, I question the use of different game files at all in that game...

Either way I'm scared of making yet another topic after the ranting incident that occured last time, so please just answer straight up here.

I never noticed any difference... then again, I only beat it once.

Entering the name "Zelda" and that little sword icon you see is an easy way to get to the second, more difficult quest without having to go through the first one. If you notice, after you beat the first quest with whatever name you registered, he'll be holding up a sword afterwards.

When I beat it on GBA:SP (Gameboy Advance SP), I got a swordman Icon but he had the white clothes.

I don't remember what happened when I beat it on NES, that was a long time ago.

So that 2nd quest thing would explain why I kept getting killed by boomerang moblins. I knew something was up. Ok thanks. This also happens in A Link to the Past when you beat it, because you hold up the master sword and a shied (depending on which shield you upgraded to.) You also get whatever armor you're wearing in the game put on, and what enchantment of the master sword you currently have is shown.

Actually, those guys are called goriyas. I was fortunate enough to have a manual back when I owned it.

Yeah, registering as Zelda in the original lets you start the second quest right away.