Swordless Link

In Zelda

I've been playing the original Zelda game and just to change things around, I decided to not grab a sword. I know I can't beat the game, but I'd like to get to Ganon. I read somewhere on the internet that somebody did that, however I can't figure out how to kill the boss of level four (that's the two-headed dragon). I've tried the boomerang, bombs, the candle, the wand, and the bow. It's gotta be possible to kill him, but I can't figure it out. Any suggestions?

If you've tried all those, 'tain't gonna work. I can say with all honesty that I've never tried the flute against the mighty dragon, or the silver arrows, but seeing as how you have to beat all 8 labyrinths to even get into 9, where you get the silver arrows, this is probably not feasible.

It's the wand.

Hit it with the body of the wand, as if it's a sword. Sadly, this doesn't work on Ganon, but it's good for gleeock.

With the magic book attatched or not, or both? Now this has got me curious.

It works either way.

i was suprised that someone was able to do that...


i was suprised that someone was able to do that...

I've heard of a swordless first quest, but doing it on the second quest with only 3 hearts? Crazy skills.

Wow... you know, that's the kind of thing that makes me wish TwinGalaxies had video downloads of these runs. Man, that would be awesome to watch... second quest even!

'may not kill any overworld ceatures'...



Yeah, I think I'll try using the wand.