Zelda soundtrack MP3s

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Hey, a kid requested some MP3s from the first two Zelda games, so I converted both soundtracks for him. Figured I'd post them here if anybody wants them.

(128kbps, 5.2mbs)
(128kbps, 14.5mbs)

I want the complete Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time Soundtracks.
Anybody knows a bt link (with a working tracker) or something?
I found some tracks on Kazaa, but no complete ones.
Also in Japanese used stores you can't find them.

(128kbps, 5.2mbs)

Thanks. I got both of them and they sound great.

I just need to know something. How did you get that "stereo sound" effect on those monaural NSF files?

I know it's possible to do stereo simply by making a two track audio file and "panning" those tracks left and right, but these files have all the instrument channels separated into different areas of the stereo BUS.

HOW!? I must know?

No, they're very monaural. Encoded at 128kbps in joint stereo.