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Does anyone remember if there was a flute in the original Zelda - what was it called - what did it do?

How about Link to the Past?

I'm quite sure there's one in A Link to the Past. Haven't played the original enough to comment on it though... dead battery...

The flute in the original opened up... dungeon four? I think. You have to blow it at the pond that doesn't have a fairy. I think it's right next to a pond that DOES have a fairy.

As for the SNES game, I've only been through it once, and I think I was in high school. I don't remember too much about that game. I will however be getting my hands on the Zelda Collection in the near future (hopefully), so I will be playing that again

EDIT: Nevermind about the Zelda Collection thing. I just realized that they have a movie showing all the games on that disc... an "Exclusive The Legend of Zelda: Retrospective Movie Experience." I feel so mislead. Damn GameStop for having old stuff for play!

A link to the past

-Name: FLUTE

-Use: Many mysterious uses - call upon the Travel Duck (after freeing him) to
travel quickly around Hyrule.

-Where Found/How Obtained: In the Dark World, you'll find a creature in the
tree alcove west of Link's House (where it would be if we were in the Light
World), who is pining over the fact that he can't find his flute, and
therefore, can't play it. He asks you if you'll find it for him, and you agree
to. He'll give you a shovel, and then all you have to do is use the Magic
Mirror right there to warp to the Light World tree alcove, dig in the northwest
corner of it, find the Flute, and go back to the Dark World. Present it to him,
and he'll ask you to play it for him. He'll actually turn into a tree at that
time, and you get to keep the Flute.

-Description: After obtaining the Flute, go to the weathercock in Kakariko
Village, and play the Flute for it, which will free a duck from it. This duck
is called the Travel Duck and from now on whenever you play the Flute, it'll
appear and swoop you to a random area of Hyrule for quick travel. Very, very
useful in making travel to and fro not so tedious, and more importantly, a
whole lot quicker.

Taken from this guide,

well, you're only partially correct . the pond you're talking about is dungeon 7. you need the raft to get to dungeon 4, it's close to the start.

and for wamp, it's just called the flute. not ocarina or anything special like that

In the original I believe you could use that flute to warp between dungeons....

If I remember right you have to stand in the area with the to any dungeon. Then press Select + Left or Right on the D-pad..... and it should take you to the next (takes you to 4 if your standing at 3) dungeon.

It could be Select + Up or Down..... I'll break it out after I get all moved in.....

SPEAKING of moving in... Did I mention that my girlfriend's friend lives right next door now??? Well what that means is she can hang out with her friends more (by more I mean, more than Never, like she did before) Which means more time for ME to play videogames!!!!!

You've all pretty much nailed it, but I wanted to add that I think it's called the Recorder in the original Zelda (if my memory of that opening "story" is right), and that you get it in level 5.

Also, in the second quest you can open a cave in the bottom left corner of the desert with it. But that's a different story ;)



Great piece of adVice right there.

sweet! maybe now i'll have motivation to play Gunz.... i haven't played in a few days

And also the flute in the first game has the exact look and tune that it plays when you play the flute in Mario Brothers 3 to warp

wah wah waaaaahhh? The Original Zelda??? Please, do tell !!!!

wah wah waaaaahhh? The Original Zelda??? Please, do tell!!!!

I'm not so sure there's anything more to tell. Um. It's in that main desert northeast of level 1.

...I think you get a heart.

[ The flute in the original Legend Of Zelda had a variety of uses, especially in the 2nd quest. But on the first quest, obtain the flute in the fifth dungeon. The first use is to reduce the boss of this dungeon, Digdogger, to a small size so he can be killed. If he isn't reduced in size by the flute first, you can hack & slash all you want and he won't be bothered. You can also use the flute to go back & forth between locations, via a small tornado, in the game. Good for shortcuts, not unlike the bracelet that opens up hidden passages.
In the second quest, the flute does a WHOLE lot more. It is used to open up a lot of the locations of the heart containers, for one, and there are a huge amount of Digdogger bosses in the confusing dungeons on this quest. Some of them you MUST kill to proceed through the dungeon. There are also a few "SECRET" money areas revealed with the flute. Most of these, along with a heart container, are around the huge brown area above the lake. Also--searching for that blue ring in the 2nd quest? It's in the store in the extreme upper right of the map--just climb up the wall roughly in the center of the screen and you'll find it. Still 250 rupees, though.

I have no idea of any flutes in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, but in A Link to the Past there was definately a flute that could call the warp bird. In fact, it was the only way to reach the swamp of evil.

There is a flute in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link--I'll be damned if I can remember what it does, though. That second Zelda always aggravates the #$*! out of me, so I don't play it much. I'll have to get into it again soon.

Two things.
1) Remove the monster (whose name eascapes me) to get through to level 6, 7 and the hidden town.
2) Make level 6 appear in the desert.

Bonus effect: Make a cool little tune play.

Oh, yeah. The black spider-looking thing. There so many roadblocks in this one. I really need to get the GameCube & the collection soon before it goes obsolete.