In Zelda

First of all Sorry for the nothing thread

I was trying to find all the names of sages in ocarina of time, and having some troubles....... Could anyone help me out?

Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Impa and Nabooru

...and, i guess Rauru and Zelda too. At least, I think that's it.

Oops I'm sorry I meant names as in: Sage of time, Sage of etc.....

The sage of Light, of Forest, of Fire, of Water, of Shadow and of Spirit. And, uh, whatever Zelda is. :|

That sounds right to me, anyway...

Yep, those are the right ones, but some annoying people claim that Nabooru is the Sage of "Sand" instead of spirit. So, I leave that one up to you, but I seriuosly think it's Spirit.