Value of Zelda: Link to the Past (SNES) Cartridge

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How much do game shops usually charge for Zelda on Super Nintendo? I know I could check Ebay, but I'm curious what it sells for in stores and cannot find the game listed on any of thier websites.

I paid $5 for the cartridge only at a pawn shop and was wondering if this is an uncommonly good deal.

Not an uncommonly good deal, but decent.

it tends to sell for more because it's a good game rather than a rare game.

Funny......when I see it in shops it goes for about 15pounds loose. That's $26 US/$30 CAN. A complete set goes for twice that. So it appears you got a good deal.

That's because most shops will throw a high price tag on anything with the word Zelda on it.

That's exactly it, unfortunately...

at work we sell ours 5 bucks.

I got one in Japan complete with everything in good condition for 980 Yen (9-10$).